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Long time Eagle County local Bob Vanourek  and son Gregg have a brand new book coming out on the topic of Leadership.

TCLIt’s called Triple Crown Leadership.  Amazon allows you to pre-order today online.  Amazon also has an e-copy for purchase to read on your Kindle as well.

If you’d like to get your new Book signed by Bob – stop by the the free Vail Symposium event, Thursday, July 19th at 6:00pm at Vail’s Donovan Pavilion.  For more information about this Vail Symposium event, (Click Here)

The ECT folks are 100% certain that “Triple Crown Leadership” does not require millions of your tax money to be spent on purchasing more Eagle County Open Space!

ECT can’t vouch for the writing yet…however the ECT can vouch for the excellent marketing of the Vanourek’s new book.  Leading by Social Media example, indeed.

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Campaign Marketing? – Sign of the Times ? You Decide

Arms dealers willing to sell Arms to both sides in a conflict only fear one thing – the outbreak of Peace.

So it seems with selling paid print advertising in this years Eagle County GOP Primary campaign debacle.  While one (tabloid stylized?) recent print publication was busy trashing one of the GOP primary candidates campaign – they were also busy selling campaign print advertising to the same party they were trashing!  Yup.  The ECT phoned the (I’m being trashed candidate) (Click Here) and asked – just confirm this fact as true.  The (still being trashed) candidate told the ECT it was true.

Just who would do/sell such a trashy campaign print thing?  Prepare not to be surprised with the answer/author’s identity being revieled in his recent letter to the Fishwrap’s Editor…(Click Here).  For their part… the folks that sell the paid print campaign advertising over at the Fishwrap – aren’t too far behind either.  When the Fishwrap released their story last week (Click Here) about the multiple court house lawsuits against the local GOP primary candidate running on their “private sector knowledge & success”…the Fishwrap folks did extended one courtesy to this GOP primary candidate – they didn’t print his full color Fishwrap campaign Ad on the same page where Wyrick’s story ran…that story…casting major doubts on this candidates private sector record.  Stupid is…as Stupid does.  Now pay my print advertising bill, Forest!

In case you Missed it…

The Town of Gypsum officially notified the Town of Eagle last week – they will be “discontinuing” Eagle’s Tax “handout” from the Sales Tax receipts of Gypsum’s Costco.  The original agreement between Gypsum and Eagle called “revenue-sharing” was signed Circa 2005…and gave Eagle “free annual money” from Gypsum’s Costco sales tax collected.

No word yet from Eagle Mayor “don’t worry Yuri Kostick” nor any word from Eagle board member “Brandi’s on Board” on Eagle’s future Town finance plans.  Imagine that.  Recall these two where very publically against Eagle’s ERS development…that is now voter endorsed.  There was no “revenue-sharing” proposed between Eagle and Gypsum in the ERS deal (read: development proposal) recently approved by Eagle voters.Lucy-Spiller

Congrats also to Eagle resident Donna Spinelli who was approved last week by Eagle’s City Council in a (5-2 vote) as Donna is now the newest member of Eagle’s Planning and Zoning Board.  Donna approved 5-2?…yeah…Mayor Kostick and Brandi the two dissenting votes.  Some folks it seems have trouble representing the interests of the majority of voters.  ECT says….go get ‘em Donna!  Please send more photos…any new (sexy hair?) designs you might have in mind! HA!


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