Intelligent Life – Alive and Well in Gypsum

by – “By George, I think we’ve found it!”

It happens all to infrequently these days.  Occasionally someone in our Community who clearly pays attention…writes a short note to Editor ‘Half the Story’ over at our Daily Fishwrap.

Case in Point.


Mr. Roeser of Gypsum – calls out the failing economic policies of the County Commissioner – trying desperately to get himself re-elected this Fall – at your Properties Tax expense.

FACT:  Your Eagle County Commissioners have a Fiduciary responsibility to nurture and maintain a strong local Economy because the County harvests –it’s Sales Tax and Property Tax revenue based on local economic activity.  This responsibility has been continuously ignored for 3 1/2 years by Commissioner Jon Stavney’s record.

So where has “please re-elect me” Commissioner Jon Stavney been spending his (actually our taxpayers) time?

Answer: Spending millions of your Tax Money on unneeded, unwanted, unnecessary Open Space purchases.

Commissioner Stavney – How many new local Jobs have been “created or saved” based all your attention to wasting Millions on County Open Space?

Commissioner Stavney – How many new job creating businesses have moved into Eagle County based on all your attention to Open Space?

Commissioner Stavney – Do you know (care?) that there were (19) new Home Foreclosures in Eagle County – last week (18-22JUN2012) alone?  That brings the YTD total to 250.  Rampant County Home Foreclosures are now in their 3rd year.

Commissioner Stavney – How has your all attention to Open Space improved overall Property Values in Eagle County?  The ECT knows our Public School District (who your wife works for, Commissioner) and our Fire Districts would like to know your answer…after all their annual revenue comes from paid Property Taxes.

Commissioner Stavney could not have achieved his record without the local “media protection” afforded him by the folks at our own Daily Fishwrap – who are more than happy to ignore local economic reality and sensationalize the failing economic policies of Stavney.

When was the last time you read a tough economic question being asked of Stavney (about County home foreclosures?) by the catatonic Business Editor (Scott Miller) over at the Fishwrap?  Well, Eagle County voters?  Mr. John Roeser of Gypsum seems to have figured it out, how about you?

Wait a minute!  On second thought…the ECT should mention Commissioner Stavney’s exemplary documented work…on his personal/legislative efforts to Violate Federal Drug law by making it much easier in Eagle County to sell Dope…(a.k.a. Medical Marijuana) – that is still in direct violation of Federal Drug Law.  Photo below from Edwards Farmer’s Market this past weekend showing how the Commissioners legislative efforts seem to have spurred new Private Sector (Soap?) Business activity in Eagle County today!


If you’re wondering what the ECT might recommend you buy for Commissioner Stavney on this Fathers Day 2012…the ECT would like to recommend this…Genuine Eagle County “Dope on a Rope” Soap…at least then ECT readers can look forward to a “clean” Stavney election campaign this fall.  – CM



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