More Litigation threatened against the Town of Vail?

by the fans of Mickelson, Palmer and Nicklaus

ECT readers will recall from a few years ago…a lawsuit filed (Circa 2005) against the Town of Vail – as it related to a winter time outdoor tennis/hockey bubble that was temporarily/seasonally located on the Vail Golf Course Driving Range during Ski Season. The (then) big, white Hockey bubble housed an additional sheet of ice for the Hockey folks to use during the Winter season. (Click Here) Some folks who owned multi-million dollar homes near there – were not amused with their (temporarily) obstructed view of Vail’s – Gore Range.

Now enter a proposed new PERMANENT change to the famed par 5, 18th hole on Vail Golf Course. Their proposal? In short…shrink the hole yardage to a par 4 and move the finishing green permanently east to allow for additional Clubhouse public parking and the potential for a big summer (tent?) to be used for things like summertime weddings.

Today, multi-million dollar Vail homes line the 18th hole fairway and green (on the south side) of this proposed permanent change.  Click on GIS graphic below to enlarge.


The ECT has been told that the “proposers” of this plan are folks from the (elected) Vail REC District Board – yet – the “approvers” are actually the Vail Town Council.

What do you think this proposed permanent change would do to the Property Value of those multi-million dollar homes near the 18th green today?

We’ve all seen how some folks react (litigate) to a temporary tennis/hockey bubble.  Now just image what would happen at the Courthouse – should the Vail Town Council approve the current 18th hole plan – as proposed.  Just imagine the expression on District Court Judge – Fred Gannett’s face…when he learns about other potential Golf Course Lawsuit(s) of the (Cordillera-Wilhelm) flavor headed straight on to his bench…


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