Rosenfeld’s County Commissioner campaign? – No chance now

by Reality Check

Any chance Johnie Rosenfeld’s campaign had – at electing Johnie Rosenfeld as the next Eagle County Commissioner – ended last week.

The story filed last week by the Fishwrap’s top reporter (Randy Wyrick) of Wyrick’s review of the Public (Courthouse) Records – related to multiple lawsuits against Rosenfeld’s business – killed any chance Johnie had.  (Click Here)

Johnie has campaigned to a large extent on his Private Sector experience as a job creator and as a local successful business person and as a Conservative.

All solid Conservatives know – a fundamental tenant of Conservatism is Fiscal Responsibility.

Multiple Eagle County Court records document a much different understanding of the nature of Conservatism, on the part of Commissioner candidate Rosenfeld.

Should Johnie’s campaign (by some miracle?) win the Primary election on June 26th – no one will be cheering louder and happier than Johnie’s democrat challenger in this November’s General Election.

Just imagine…the bloodbath against Johnie’s campaign in the local media this fall.

With those Court records as all the evidence – Johnie’s democrat opponent needs – Johnie’s record would be called out endlessly.

Integrity? Conservative? What about these multiple lawsuits documenting Johnie’s difficulty paying people who worked for him?

More questions will be raised by Johnie’s democrat opponent….Can you trust Johnie?  Why didn’t Johnie get his personal/business financially “conservative” house in order – before running for County Commissioner?  Imagine (attack) YouTube videos of local business people testifying they had to take Johnie to Court in order to get paid the money Johnie’s business owed them.  How is it Johnie had money for campaign signs and paid print campaign advertising – yet no money to pay the folks that Johnie’s business owes?

All this fall media attention will be aimed at one thing:  to convince the largest block of Eagle County voters (unaffiliated/independents) that Johnie Rosenfeld is a poor choice to manage Eagle County’s $70+ Million dollar Annual Budget. There is no question that such a campaign would be successful defeating GOP candidate Johnie Rosenfeld in November’s General Election.

If the Eagle County GOP has any chance of electing a GOP County Commissioner this fall – they need to make sure – that GOP Primary candidate Jeff Layman wins on Tuesday, June 26th and moves on to the General Election in November 2012.

At least now – you know what to expect…especially if Johnie Rosenfeld supporters repeat the (financial) mistakes of Dan Maes failed Gubernatorial Colorado campaign of 2010.  (Click Here)

Below are the number of Returned (U.S. Mail) ballots in the June 26th 2012 – Eagle County Primary Election, per the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office.  Numbers are current through Friday, June 15th 2012.  Interesting…that even though there are NO contested Democrat Primary Races…the number of returned Ballots from local democrats amazes the ECT folks…



4 responses

  1. Hey! Johnie Bashers,
    Are you one of the other Democrats or Fake Republicans tooting a horn for Jeff Layman? Yea, I’ve heard all of that!
    Listen, Johnie Rosenfeld is a man of integrity. He’s confronted his problems and has owned up to them. What sort of business are you in? Like your recent tax increases? My guess is that you’re connected with the County or Town Government somehow? Those seem to be the only ones ranting against Johnie! Hitting home yet? No? Well please let me continue!
    1…Why are the records sealed regarding his departure as Under Sheriff?
    2…Why don’t we have the real story about why he left the Avon Police Department?
    3…Why didn’t he reply to recent requests to debate Johnie on the issues? No date ever seemed to work for him? Obviously, other things were more important?
    4…Why would Jeff work in a position under an amazingly left wing (proponent of 3B) Louise Funk? Oh, another government job? No fear of losing that job, eh?
    5…Why would a Republican put his name on an ad to pass a property tax increase?
    6…Jeff Layman works for Louise Funk, the Chairwoman of the EV Metro District. The Metro District printed an ad recently, in the Eagle-Vail Quarterly, wrongly paid for by Eagle-Vail taxpayers, promoting Jeff Layman’s website! Why?

    7…Jeff Layman’s code enforcement officer collected several of Johnie Rosenfeld’s yard signs in Eagle-Vail & gave them back to Johnie. Yet, Jeff Layman’s signs are still up in Eagle-Vail!

    8…Johnie Rosenfeld defeated Jeff Layman by 64.8% to 35.2% at the recent Eagle County Republican Assembly. Apparently, Republicans in the know prefer Johnie 2-1!

    9…Jeff Layman’s Facebook page with 550 friends has mostly left-wing Democrats on the page. Can Republicans risk electing Jeff to Commissioner when his friends are leftists?

    I hope that this education will wake you and your friends up from your slumber. We need honest, caring people in government. In Eagle County, that starts with Johnie Rosenfeld!

    OK, everyone? Repeat after me:

    Commissioner Johnie,
    Commissioner Johnie,
    Commissioner Johnie,
    Commissioner Johnie,
    Commissioner Johnie,
    Commissioner Johnie,

    Thanks everyone for reading my rant, but this crap makes me sick. It’s time for a change!

    In Liberty!

    Steve Taylor

  2. I’m not much into politics, but I can help your (only) advertiser Edward Woodland update his Linkedin profile. It says he’s still the mayor of Eagle, lol.
    Btw, this site appears to be run by a bunch of down valley folks, is that correct?
    Makes an unaffiliated voter like myself wonder what the “real” division is. Republican vs Democrat? or Down Valley vs Upper Valley?

  3. I figured this was primarily a up-valley site because the fun slide show pictures are pretty much all up-valley events!

    Can people submit their own pictures to you Mr. Moore and you post them, or do you take them all?

    I ask because down-valley has fun community events going on too. The Town of Eagle Flight days is happening this coming weekend, and Eagle has a Farmers Market. The Town of Gypsum will have Gypsum Daze coming up plus their concert, and both towns do other fun community stuff like dads golfed for free in Gypsum on Fathers Day, items like that!

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