Cordillera – Mountain Golf Courses – Drying up!

by Clayton Moore

This week is obviously the last week in June 2012.


So…ECT folks have been told repeatedly that the $12.7 Million dollar ‘Note’ is due in its entirety from the Wilhelm Family Partnership (WFP) to local Alpine Bank this week.  Tuesday, June 26th to be precise, same day as our Primary Election results should be available after 7PM that evening.

ECT was told the original Note was an ‘interest only’ note and all of it ($12.7 Million) comes due this last week of June 2012.

Also of Note (pardon of the pun) is the obvious conclusion that Alpines loan is secured (at least in part) by the now (formerly) pristine condition of those Cordillera Golf Courses

The so called ‘Mountain Courses” in Cordillera (south side of I-70) are today, definitely in need of a lot of watering on those course(s) fairways.  See photos below from last week.

Questions abound by Cordillera insiders and watchers about what might happen this week!

1 – Can the WFP come up with the Millions in cash due Alpine Bank, Tuesday this week?

2 – Why would Alpine ever consider extending the time due – on their Note – if the Golf Courses are not being kept in top summertime Golf condition?

3 –  Will Alpine Bank file a motion in District Court (Wednesday this week?) and ask Judge Gannett – to move control of all the Cordillera Golf Courses from the WFP and into legal “Receivership”?

We’ll all know more soon.


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