Earning a spot on the Ludicrous List

by  ECT180

Anything’s possible on the Clayton ludicrous – Wall of Lame.  Here’s some proof, so you can be positive.
Welcome these (last week’s) Daily Fishwrap writers, consisting of today’s County Commissioner Jon Stavney (years earlier by the way) Eagle’s Town Mayor and his pen pals, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney. They start off pleasantly enough, asserting “As the Mayor and members of the Eagle Town Board of Trustees in 2005, we were disappointed to hear of the Gypsum Town Board’s decision to end the revenue sharing agreement…”
It is what Jon Stavney, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney write next that gives them the (dis)Honorable position on Clayton Moore’s ludicrous – Wall of Lame.

Circa 2005 – Seven years ago – “The area east of Chambers Avenue in Eagle was first proposed for development as the Red Mountain Ranch mixed-use project… A (PUD) planned unit development was submitted to the town of Eagle… that included (then) a Costco store as part of the proposal.  The Red Mountain Ranch development was denied by Mayor Stavney’s elected Eagle Council in a 5-2 vote…” Also noteworthy is this…the Town of Eagle would have provided a “true 60 percent -40 percent split if Costco had landed in Eagle.” Penned by you guessed it, the Wall of Lamers – Jon Stavney, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney.
The Town of Eagle’s history is a love of undeveloped land (unless it’s East West Partners – Eagle Ranch development approval) sans, a history of denying Big Box stores. Okay, so voters get that part loud and clear.  The Town of Eagle said no dice (2005) indeed, no thank you and adios to Costco’s Sales Tax generating possibility!
Welcome to the Clayton ludicrous Wall of Shame folks!
“Over the past five years, the Gypsum Town Council members have been asked by Eagle on numerous occasions to make the revenue-sharing agreement permanent by taking that issue to a vote of the people. This was something the Eagle Town Board was willing to do,” by (you guessed it) – Jon Stavney, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney.
That’s awfully “generous” of the Eagle Town Board’s desire to share (read: free money) revenue permanently with the Town of Gypsum!  After all in 7 years…Eagle has shared – how much was it again? – with Gypsum?  Nada.  Nada single dime.
Yep, you all made it in our Clayton ludicrous Wall of  Lame….
“If we were Gypsum residents, we would have to wonder why our government has decided to end the agreement just at the point when Gypsum could begin to recoup some of the tax money we’ve paid to Eagle” by you guessed it:  Wall of Lamers – Jon Stavney, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney
Well it’s because… The Town of Eagle’s New Venture into Big Box Land deals (ERS) is revenue-sharing with…. well– with Eagle!  No mention of Gypsum on the flip side!  Click here, for this is right under “Sales tax revenues and REVENUE SHARING: 1.45 percent to the (Eagle) town general fund “and” 2.55 percent to fund the construction of infrastructure and public improvements (in Eagle) “and” (Eagle) town’s 1.45 percent is added with 0.15 percent from county revenue sharing.”
Although its probably true some folks do fall off of turnip trucks, luckily for Gypsum taxpayers, Gypsum leaders are not among those folks.

“Ultimately, we believe that while Gypsum will realize a short-term gain, they have lost out on a long-term potential of dollars and goodwill” by you guessed it: Jon Stavney, Paul Witt, Stephen Richards, Ed Woodland, and Kraige Kinney
Oooh, awe…. now there is a real scary thought. Let’s see.. Gypsum has wonderful streets, Gypsum has many resident amenities…Gypsum has upgraded water sites, and all the while GYPSUM contributed an additional, $1,339,866 to the Town of Eagle, to date. Oh and btw Eagle “that (dollar) number increases as the incentive package diminishes with Costco in 2013,” (past tense of course…)

Read about the many years of Gypsum’s Good Will -> Click here

Welcome to the Induction into the Clayton ludicrous Wall of Lame!
In a ‘Winner Takes All‘ Wall of Lame section, is this single ludicrous line by County Commissioner Jon Stavney – written presumably to those folks who recently fell off the turnip truck- “Evidently, Gypsum had hoped that the cost-share agreement would lead Eagle to leave the property undeveloped and steer retail development to Gypsum.  That is the only explanation some folks can see for the recent announcement.”
Click here for more!

This single paragraph is ludicrous at its finest, hence the first ever ECT award!
And we in Eagle County currently – Click Here – employ him…



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