From the Street

by – does this make sense to you?

If your goal as a local political party Chairman is to get your candidates elected…then WHY would you keep “calling into question” the Highly Questionable Courthouse Financial Records (Lawsuits actually) of said County Commissioner Primary Candidate?  (Click Here)

What’s worse:  This formerly gifted writer, now local party Chairman offered no documentation to support her claims (allegations actually) that said Candidate has cleared up (to date) all the Courthouse Judgments against his business.

All a reasonable voter has is the Chairman’s written assurance that “all is now well” with this candidate, and that it is now OK for you, the voter, to vote for him…

Folks routinely involved in Politics…rarely have trouble with the truth, do they?

The ECT suggests this local Chairman’s credibility could benefit greatly by practicing what the ECT practices all the time – the ECT’s famous (Click Here) Journalism.  Time to back things up madam Chairman.

Further, the Chairman might want to extend her personal influence (what influence?) to encourage more of her local Party members to the Polls.  ~79% of this party’s voters having now NOT VOTED 2 days before this Tuesday’s election looks to the ECT folks like a  pretty lame level of influence from this local party Chairman…  Know this madam Chairman, many, many more folks read the ECT each week – than the number of voters, who have currently voted in your primary election…

Below numbers (from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office) are current through Friday, June 22nd.  The election ends 7PM tomorrow Tuesday, June 26th.

Yeah, the ECT said ~79% not voted…yet.  One wonders if their Chairman even knows these numbers are available online 7×24 from the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders web page (Click Here)


The ECT’s published moniker at the top of each week’s online Edition says “the ECT is dedicated to informing people who have to think for their living”.

The above certainly is evidence to support that – now this from an ECT reader/contributor on current Forest Fire topics.

He discovered a real-time web page that keeps track of local forest fires (among other things) by State!  Including photos.

(Click Here)

Below is a current (24JUN2012) screen shot from the web site for Colorado…Click On the Graphic below to enlarge.



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