Layman ‘Smokes’ Rosenfeld–Primary Election Results

by Clayton Moore

Dateline:  8:21PM, Tuesday, June 26th 2012

Re:  Eagle County GOP Primary Election Results

By almost a 2-1 margin GOP Primary Candidate Jeff Layman burned to a crisp the campaign of his opponent Johnie Rosenfeld.


What have we learned?

1 – ~27% of eligible GOP voters (that received their U.S. Mail Ballots voted) However – those GOP voters that did vote – knew (~2-1) that their BEST CHANCE of electing a GOP Commissioner this November are firmly in the hands of – candidate Jeff Layman.

2 – Rosenfeld’s campaign was marred for weeks by one bad campaign decision after another.  The signed public endorsement of Rosenfeld by Michael Cacioppo printed as a ‘letter to the Editor’ in the Daily Fishwrap.  A printed (National Enquirer stylized) publication by said ‘Ye Old Publisher’ endorsing Rosenfeld and (trashing for the most part in print) Rosenfeld’s opponent – Jeff Layman.

3 – For their part the folks at the Daily Fishwrap – including ‘Vail Law’ columnist Rohn Robbins – persistently called into question – candidate Rosenfeld’s multiple legal troubles at the Courthouse.  As did local GOP Party Chairman’s “endorsement” of Rosenfeld – Chariman Kaye Ferry in last Sunday’s Daily Fishwrap.  Dumb, really Dumb.  This going on all the while candidate Rosenfeld kept paying for (color) print advertising in the Fishwrap – while the Fishwrap was busy questioning the electability/credibility of Rosenfeld to manage his company’s finances.  The ECT asks – are these the documented actions of a smart campaign/candidate?

The ECT could go on and on.  ECT wont.

ECT says congrats to candidate Jeff Layman and better luck next time to former candidate Johnie Rosenfeld.


2 responses

  1. It is Very sad and disheartening that fellow so-called GOP members / supporters / Conservatives
    will take opportunities to destroy one of it’s candidates without investigating or asking for an interview from said candidate to explain their side or provide rebuttal of the “breaking news” for fair reporting ! Also sad are the apparent resentments that are evident and obviously taint the so-called local press.
    It is devastating to realize we will now have no chance for conservative input on the County Commissioners’ Board. That is unless I missed the Conservative talking points presented by Jeff Layman. Congratulations are in order to the Progressives!

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