Cordillera knows it’s now Hotter in Delaware than Colorado

by Clayton Moore

Yesterday (26JUN2012) the Wilhelm Family Partnership (David Wilhelm et al) moved the bulk of the current litigation about the Cordillera Golf Courses from Colorado and into a Delaware Courtroom by filing for Chapter 11 – Federal Bankruptcy Protection.  (Click Here)


ECT readers know that this move was not the first choice of the (WFP) having unsuccessfully tried to first move this case into Federal Court – after local District Court Judge Fred Gannett granted “Class Action” status to this case originally filed in Judge Gannett’s Colorado Courtroom.  (Click Here)

Interestingly and just filed in Delaware is the ‘list of creditors’ that the WFP owes money too, it takes 98 PDF pages of fine print to list them all and if you make it to page 98, you’ll find the names of lawyers and their law firms – that have represented the WFP in this litigation – recently  – and have not been PAID.  (Click Here)

The Fireworks start today – in Delaware – when a FLOOD new legal documents will be filed today (27JUN2012) by several of the Colorado Plaintiff(s) in this case…in response to Wilhelm’s request for Bankruptcy protection.

Stand by.

Meanwhile…the ECT has been told by some local lawyers that…

Wilhelm has moved MOST but not ALL litigation against him to Delaware.

(take the rest of this with a grain of salt…)

Allegations reached the ECT that Wilhelm’s lawsuit (the one suing him and son Patrick personally) are still here in Colorado, in Gannett’s Courtroom and will proceed independently of the Bankruptcy action in Delaware.

Two, Judge Gannett has scheduled a “Contempt of Court’ hearing against David Wilhelm next month (July 2012) and that, that Contempt hearing (allegedly) will take place as scheduled (Friday, July 20th 2012, 9:00AM) independent of the activities in Delaware.  (Click Here).

The ‘Contempt’ Court documents already filed make it clear that Wilhelm could be facing both additional fines and possible Jail time – depending on the Ruling of Judge Fred Gannett next month.  (Click Here)  Well see.

The ECT folks will make any required (accuracy/corrections) to the above allegations as soon as the ECT receives more public record, Courthouse documents.

Stay cool, in the meantime, it’s going to be a long Hot Summer.

More very soon.


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