From the Street – Fire Danger

by the Fans of Guglielmo Marconi

If you’re concerned about local Fire danger and you want to know what’s going on (Real-Time) it’s time for the ECT to remind Eagle County citizens that the ECT and their supporters monitor all Public Safety – Radio Traffic – 7x24x365

Thanks to the ECT now you can too.


Scroll down near the bottom of the Right Side of the ECT and you’ll find the web link to the Audio of Eagle County Public Safety – just click on the link to listen anytime.  All Police, Fire and Rescue is monitored today.  The Eagle County recently moved to the Colorado State-wide DTRS Radio system thanks to the efforts of Barry Smith and et al.  Soon the ECT hopes Mr. Smith will also have Eagle County’s new NOAA Weather Radio station (WZ2518 – 162.450Mhz) operational from the top of Castle Peak in Eagle (Click Here) for more information on that.

Gypsum Property Owners – time to get busy!

Don’t wait for “someone else to do it”.  Get yourself over to the Community Open House, Tuesday, July 2nd  6:30PM – 8:30PM meeting at the Airport Terminal Building – 217 Eldon Wilson Road Gypsum, Colorado 81657 – To learn more about what is being proposed for the Airport expansion (Click Here)

Don’t wait for some Government Bureaucrat (who supposedly works for you) to make an “Airport Expansion Decision” until your voice (at least) has been heard.

A simple message from the ECT to Gypsum Property Owners:  “Don’t get Railroaded…by the County’s Airport.”  Get to the public meeting this week.  Click on the graphic below to enlarge it.



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