Happy 4th of July week 2012 – from the ECT


by Peter Parker – photographed Avon’s Fireworks display last year!


Unlike our Supreme Court last week – the ECT knows why our great Country’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution were written.

– It wasn’t written because our Founders were upset with the Health Care benefits provided by the British to the Colonies in 1776

– It wasn’t written because of our Founders deep desire for more Government Intervention in everyday life by the British King George III.

– It was written because of our Founders desire for Freedom and the right to Self Governance and respect for the Individual and his Private Property.  Key points to remember Patriots when America returns to the Polls this November 2012!

1776 – Richard Henry Lee

Historically correct – and with that knowledge – American Patriot Richard Henry Lee sings a catchy tune about his return from Virginia to the Second Continental Congress – with the famous – Resolution on American Independence – that led to the signing of our great Declaration of American Independence July 4th 1776


Minturn Market – 2012 – Were you there?

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