Sandra Smyser’s Record – More of the Same

by Clayton Moore

A bad decision by Eagle County’s Public School Superintendent – Sandra Smyser was overturned by your elected School Board (4-3) last week.  Result? Geoff Grimmer still has a job as the Ski & Snowboard Academy’s Principal  (Click Here)

The ECT folks are always curious and wanted to know more about Dr. Smyser’s past decisions about School District personnel.

It didn’t take long – records (circa 2009) from the Steamboat, Colorado School District were easy to find.  Before coming to Eagle County – Dr. Smyser worked for the Steamboat School District.

From the Steamboat Pilot newspaper – Friday, January 30th 2009 (Click Here)


To the ECT’s folks it seems Dr. Smyser’s decisions about School District personnel terminations have more to do with – “who we like” vs. “who we don’t like” – rather than “who is performing”.

Worse yet it seems…the real problem in Eagle County – seems to be your elected School Board and the (3) women who backed up Dr. Smyser last week and Smyser’s persistently questionable decision basis.


The ECT is no fan of how Superintendent Dr. Smyser runs our Eagle County Public School District.  (Click Here)

Last weeks episode just adds more evidence to the ECT’s perception of Superintendent Smyser’s weak academic performance at maximum cost to the Eagle County Taxpayer.


Your elected, Eagle County School District Board President – Jeanne McQueeney weighed in with her explanation of what happened last week…(Click Here) for Ms. McQueeney’s full comments.


HUH?  100% behind?  – The ECT thought the vote was (4-3) Ms. McQueeney to over turn the decision by Superintendent Smyser – to fire Principal Geoff Grimmer.

EC Taxpayer…do you believe Ms. McQueeney?

1 – FACT, just about a year ago this time – our elected School District Board ignored their own Polling data that told the Board  – Eagle County Taxpayers would not vote to support a permanent Property Tax increase in November 2011.  The Board ignored their own (taxpayer paid for) polling data and put Ballot issue 3B in front of County Taxpayers.  It failed 55% – 45%

2 – FACT,  Eagle County School District Administrators are overpaid compared to our ‘rank and file’ teacher salaries.  Why?  (Click Here)

3 – FACT, the EagleCountyTimes.Com has documented several times – the out of control expenses for “travel and entertainment” (Click Here) that School District Administrators (and especially Dr. Smyser) have demonstrated, over and over.

4 – FACT elected School Board President Jeanne McQueeney has personally been involved in the questionable transfer of Taxpayer funds into her personal business.  (Click Here)

ECT Note:  The ECT has been told that Board member Brian Nolan was against a November 2011 (3B Ballot question) after the results of the Polls showed County Taxpayers were in no mood for an increase.  Further, the ECT has been told that Mr. Nolan was the “swing vote” at last weeks meeting and vote  (4-3)  – that kept Mr. Geoff Grimmer employed with the School District.

One response

  1. “We” – the school board – do love her— “we” love her by over $81,000 a year more than the state average per the CO Dept of Ed-

    As she was also not licensed at the time ECS hired her- can they replace her without having to buy her out like CA had to before she came CO if we can no longer afford her? (Here is that CA story: “The board met on the evening of June 27 to discuss releasing Smyser from her responsibilities at the district. Smyser was informed of the decision the following day.” )
    Colorado Dept of Education (CDE)

    Fall 2011

    Average Salaries by Average Experience and College Preparation for Superintendents

    * Eagle County Schools . Superintendent salary – $189,009
    * CO State average …… Superintendent salary – $108,924

    (ECS PAGE 3 of 7 – CO average PAGE 7 of 7 )

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