And from local Politics this week – Summit County’s (perception?) of Eagle County

by the Reality Check team here at the ECT!

They made the ECT folks laugh!

Who?  David Cunningham, President of Summit Information Services a local (Summit County) Public Relations firm.  According to the story printed in the Summit Daily newspaper…Mr. Cunningham’s PR firm is providing “free” services to the Summit County Public School District.

Per the story Mr. Cunningham’s HILARIOUS comments of how he “sees” the Eagle County’s Public School District’s last attempt at getting voters to support a permanent Property Tax increase (3B) on last November 2011 Eagle County ballot…


HUH?  “Eagle County didn’t have good communication!”

Thanks to the EagleCountyTimes.Com and our supporters the Eagle County voters had EXCELLENT Communication about the permanent tax raising Ballot issue 3B – that failed.  Before the ECT existed, Mr. Cunningham, no Eagle County voter ever had this level of highly documented “communication” about the specifics of a tax raising ballot issue.

Thanks to the ECT voters knew…

1 – They (property taxpayers/voters) were already paying for and ‘on the hook’ for $233 Million Dollars in long term Bond Debt.

2 – ECT public records exposed (listed highest to lowest) every single Public School District Salary of record for the 2011-12 School Year, every single one, Mr. Cunningham.  (Click Here)

3 – Letters to the Editor that appeared in the Daily Fishwrap (a.k.a. Vail Daily) in support of 3B – ‘were called out’ in the ECT when the Author of said letter worked for the School District or had a Spouse that did…and there were plenty of those letters Mr. Cunningham.

NEVER in the history of Eagle County Voters, Mr. Cunningham, did more folks have access to more documented Public Record information about the Eagle County School District finances, than ever before, in any November election!

Since November 2011, Mr. Cunningham, the EagleCountyTimes.Com has added just under 100,000 web page (hits/reads) – informing folks each week, Mr. Cunningham, on just what is really happening in Eagle County, Colorado.

The ECT folks didn’t get our ‘public relations training’ from the current occupants of the White House, Mr. Cunningham, the ECT now wondering if perhaps – you did!

ECT readers interested in reading the full/recent story about Mr. Cunningham’s PR efforts aimed to help support the Summit County School District – printed in the Summit Daily should – (Click Here)

One response

  1. Our school district is transparent too.

    For example- the 2012-13 proposed budget

    2012-13 Budget Adoption, Approval of Cash Flow Loans
     The 2012-13 budget was presented to the Board for adoption. No inquiries have been received from the public concerning the budget. State law requires a budget be adopted by June 30 each year.
     The Board moved to adopt the 2012-13 Budget for Eagle County School District RE50J as presented and to appropriate each fund as specified in the resolution for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2012 and ending June 30, 2013.

    Here it is, in part-

    (Increased funding)


    LAST YEAR SALARIES 2011-12 Budget $274, 065
    THIS YEAR SALARIES 2012-13 Budget $287,376 (plus + $13,311 )


    LAST YEAR SALARIES 2011-12 Budget $111,147
    THIS YEAR SALARIES 2012-13 Budget $113,340 (plus + $ 2,193)

    (decreases in funds)


    2011-12 Budget $247,231
    2012-13 Budget $167,423 (Minus – $79,808 )


    LAST YEAR SALARIES 2011-12 Budget $1,460,360
    THIS YEAR SALARIES 2012-13 Budget $1,372,200 (Minus – $88,160)

    Read it here

    And here

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