Part II – Real Time Weather Alerts (free)

by High Tech Weather

Have a SmartPhone?  iPhone or Android?

Do you hike, camp, ski, snowmobile, attend events at the Ford Amphitheater… or other wise use the Great Outdoors?

Well now even if you don’t always have a full view of the Sky – your SmartPhone can receive Real-Time Weather Alerts (for free) by installing and using these free SmartPhone apps.

Weather-AlertsThe good news is…the higher you are in Eagle County, the better your SmartPhone reception will be.  Obviously your Smartphone needs a working connection to your service provider (ie AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile or Sprint).

What to install for free?  (just one example)

1 – First visit the free web site – MyWeather.Com from your computer – and create a free online account.  ECT recommends you use your (second?) junk email address when you register so your real-work (primary) email inbox doesn’t get anymore unwanted email…

2 – Next visit your SmartPhones App Store and download the free MyWeather app.  Configure it with your new login credentials that you just created in step one above.

3 – Go back to the MyWeather.Com web site and login with your new credentials and now you can set the Real-Time weather alerts under the “Manage Alerts” (see above) web page link!  You can choose whatever Alert you want for whatever season and the Alerts will now automatically “push” into your SmartPhone real time!

What about Eagle County, Colorado’s new National Weather Service Weather Radio Station WZ2518?NOAA-Radio

SmartPhone users can download the FREE – NOAA Weather Radio Application that ties into the Real-Time Streaming Audio from every single NOAA Weather Radio Station working in the U.S.  Keep in mind that our new Radio Station is (WZ2518) ~30 days from today –   before appearing in the updated list.  Testing of our new Radio Station must be completed before it is officially added to the NOAA/NWS list of stations on your SmartPhone App.


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