PART III – What is really going on with this Weather?

by the ‘big picture folks’

So?  So just what changed this past week that took Eagle County, Colorado from weeks of Hot Dry weather to suddenly – rain for the past several days?

The answer is – you have to look at the big picture and the ECT folks (always concerned with the big picture) went to our friends at NOAA and their GOES West Satellite photos of Water Vapor.


The really Cool “picture” comes from watching above as a short (yet, 6 hour duration full motion video) of the water vapor moving.  (Click Here)  You’ll be glad you did.

The rain/moisture Eagle County is getting now is obviously moving in from the South.  If you watch the Video (web link above) in the afternoon you can actually see the Big and Smaller Thunderstorms form as they move across the continent.  The big orange/fire colored region of the Pacific Ocean has been that way (high pressure system) for WEEKS!  It just parked there for the time being, obviously warming the Ocean at that point.  It would be interesting to know what the Pacific Ocean currents are doing with warming water in the Pacific this summer.

If you’d also like to see what is happening in the Pacific – check this out – (Click Here) By the time most of you read this “Tropical Storm Emilia” will no doubt grow to become “Hurricane Emilia” before Monday morning (9JUL2012)  Click on the above link and prove it to yourself.  Emilia can clearly be seen spinning counter-clockwise off the coast of Mexico below.



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  1. Well, in my stomping grounds, the Pacific Ocean in SoCal is doing this-

    200 PM PDT Sun Jul 8 2012, Orange County coastal areas- beaches –

    For Mon Jul 9

    Surf height………….3 to 5 feet.
    Rip current potential…high.
    Very strong currents and dangerous swimming conditions are expected.

    Southern California Coast (The warmest ocean water of the year … in August when temperatures average 70 degrees F)

    Average ocean water temperature in °F for July 1 through 15th 2012

    Balboa 65°
    Newport Beach 69°
    San Clemente 64°


    Link 1

    Link 2

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