The Rain returned this week in Eagle County, Colorado!

by ‘Honey, start the Lawn Mower’

Just when you thought the Roof was going to dry out and then blow away – the Rain returned to Eagle County, Colorado this past week – just in time to wet things down and cool the place off a bit.  Photo (below) from the East Vail Bike Trail on the way up to Vail Pass.  Hansel and Gretel retreated indoors before the ECT contributor could get the camera out to take this photo!  Vail’s Gore Creek (foreground) flows from right to left in the ECT’s high resolution photo.  Might want to bring that Umbrella with you on the way to the Bravo Music Festival in Vail this week!

Just click on the photo to enlarge it!


Meanwhile – other ECT contributors wanted ECT readers to know what was happening in Gypsum at the West end of our fair Valley.  Looks like a heavenly light to the ECT roughly located on the old Albertson’s Ranch in Gypsum.  The camera angle in Gypsum is looking East, North to the left and South to the right.

MEANWHILE…back in Denver, Colorado Governor Hickenlooper’s Office…(PM, Sunday, July 8th 2012) – lifted the Colorado State wide fire ban…

To read more about this good news for Colorado (Click Here)


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