Bias at the Fishwrap – Drugs are preferred over Guns??

by – We pay attention, you should too

Last week our Daily Fishwrap folks jumped on the bandwagon with the usual left-wing political cartoons – bashing the NRA after the recent shootings in Colorado.  (Click Here)

Here is what the Fishwrap didn’t, neglected, (won’t?) tell you from last week…

Apparently the City Council of Los Angeles, California has had enough.  During the week of July 23rd 2012 – the L.A. City Council – voted (14-0) to ban Pot (read: Marijuana Drug Stores) in their city.  These Pot Stores now have 45 Days to close, permanently.  (Click Here)

…Meanwhile our Daily Fishwrap continues to accept paid print advertising from Eagle County Pot Shops (see below Ad printed in the Fishwrap) – which are illegal under Federal Drug Law (Click Here)


Why did the L.A. City Council vote unanimously to ban these illegal Pot Shops?

Over 1,000 pot stores on the streets of L.A. – more than Starbucks, McDonalds, banks, schools and parks, combined.
•    200% increase in robberies
•    52.2% increase in burglaries
•    57.1% rise in aggravated assaults
•    130.8% rise in burglaries from autos near pot-stores
•    Youth marijuana use at its highest rate in a generation

If a city as liberal as Los Angeles can “figure this out” why can’t the folks at the Daily Fishwrap, or for that matter – our Eagle County Commissioners – that passed regulations that allowed these Drug Dealers into our Community in the first place?

If you don’t agree with the Drug Policies at the Fishwrap or with our current County Commissioners – consider pulling your print Ad from the Fishwrap and instead advertise here at the ECT.  Your online (clickable) Ad here at the ECT is less than 1/2 the cost and more folks will see it here too!

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