From the Street

by    F-18 photographers

Last week (27JUL2012) Eagle County, Colorado crossed another milestone.

300 Home Foreclosures filed with the Eagle County Public Trustees Office in Eagle since January 1st 2012.  If this rate continues the ECT folks calculate that by the end of December 2012 we’ll have 512 home foreclosures for the year.

This comes on the heels of the fact that Eagle County Manager Keith Montag recently held an after hours celebration for some County employees to “celebrate all our hard work over the last year and throughout the alignment and culture transition”.


HUH?  Does anyone speak “bureaucracy” that can translate Mr. Montag’s invitation?  All the ECT folks can figure is that Mr. Montag’s own home is in no danger of Foreclosure…

Does anyone know what your elected Eagle County Commissioners are doing about this obscene rate of local folks loosing their homes…now in its third year?

Please contact the ECT if you do.


Glenwood Springs newspaper “the Post Independent” did a much better job of accurately reporting that Eagle County’s Public School CSAP scores are (on a Colorado State-wide basis) average, at best.  (Click Here)  The ECT considers this as further proof to the Eagle County Taxpayer – that Public School Superintendent Sandra Smyser is wildly overpaid for the annual educational test (CSAP) scores our School District is evaluated on in Colorado.

Foot in Mouth Disease – raging in Eagle County

Golfers say “Fore!”  First we had (two local County Commissioner candidates commit ‘campaign suicide’) now you cangannett add the name – District Court Judge Fred Gannett to the growing list of names on Eagle County’s “foot in mouth club”.  Gannett’s recently reported verbal comments made while (allegedly) playing golf – was enough for Cordillera’s (WFP Wilhelm Family Partnership) to ask Judge Gannett recuse himself in this ongoing Cordillera civil litigation.  Gannett reportedly has agreed to step down.  The ECT folks now wondering just who will be next to add their name to this growing list of “oops, did I do that?”


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