Exclusive ECT photos – Gov. Romney and his 10 Governor friends

by Peter Parker

Dateline:  Thursday, August 2nd 2012

Location:  Basalt, Colorado High School

The occasion:  Governor Mitt Romney invited 10 current Governor’s (and the ECT folks) to meet him in Basalt for a quick campaign stop in Colorado.  Click on the photo below to enlarge it!


Here are the exclusive ECT photos!

Who are the 10 Governors?  Left to Right – top photo!

Chris Christie – New Jersey
Nikki Randhawa –  South Carolina
Robert McDonnell –  Virginia
Bobby Jindal – Louisiana
Rick Perry  – Texas
Matt Mead –  Wyoming
Gary Herbert – Utah
Mary Fallin – Oklahoma
Suzana Martinez – New Mexico
Jan Brewer – Arizona

After their speeches….a very brief ECT interview was conducted with Governor Bobby Jindal of Louisiana on behalf of College Football Fans all across our great Nation.

ECT:  Gov. Jindal, will LSU make it to the NCAA College Football Championship again this year?

Gov. Jindal:  Absolutely!

Right after this…Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked next what he thought of Governor Jindal’s comments.

Gov. Perry:  You know “those boys in Louisiana know something about playing football!”

ECT:  Indeed they do, Governor Perry!…now what part of Texas do you buy those wonderful socks?


Funny Side Note:  Just like our own ‘Daily Fishwrap’ newspaper the Aspen Times newspaper is also part of the “Swift Family” of local/regional newspapers.


So, why is it that these “not-so-Swifties”  have trouble counting to 10?  The Aspen Times news story about Governor Romney’s visit to Basalt (Click Here) insists there were 11 Governors, not 10.


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  1. Lynn Thanks for doing a great job of keeping us informed.I know all this is hard work,so I appreciate it.Sorry have not made to any meeting but I had major surgery and was in bed for over a year.Maybe we should have a meeting at my house sometimes.We have done it before.I wont be here in September have to go to two weddings.If you want to do some thing in October or after the election let me know.Good Luck.Unfortunately I am still unable to help this year cause I am barley walking.I did not know Gov. Rick Perry was there,he is a friend it would have been nice to visit with him.Thanks again.

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