Colorado’s TABOR under Assault by ‘Big Government’

by – we’ve read the U.S. Constitution and we understand it

TABOR = A Colorado (circa 1992) law that “limits state spending and bars lawmakers from raising taxes without a vote of the people.”

As written this Law does not take away the Colorado State Legislatures power  to levy new Taxes – it simply requires them to get A VOTE OF THE PEOPLE before they do it.

Meanwhile…July 2012 –

A Colorado lawsuit, filed against TABOR by 33 plaintiffs (who are mostly Democrats), argues that by taking away lawmakers’ ability to tax, TABOR violates the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee that every state have a republican form of government, or one where people elect officials to govern rather than in a direct democracy, where the citizens themselves govern. (ECT Hat Tip to Tim Hoover – Denver Post – Click Here)

Remember This?


Simply put our U.S. Constitution states that our Government gets it’s permission to Govern from “We the People”.

How then is it…that any reasonable person could claim that the very essence of TABOR could be a violation of the U.S. Constitution?

These left wing Colorado legislators and phony democrats challenging TABOR do not stand on the side of American Liberty – they stand on the side of Government Tyranny.

For some at the ECT – Tuesday, November 6th 2012 can’t arrive soon enough.  Colorado we’ve got a lot of house cleaning to do this November…


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