Eagle County’s Daily Fishwrap newspaper – Lazy as Ever

by – Clayton Moore, Eagle County’s Independent Media

Consider this for just one moment.

Imagine no less than 10 current U.S. Governors arriving last week (2AUG2012) in Eagle County, Colorado – for a public event in the town of Basalt’s – High School gym.

Now imagine leading the discussion of these 10 Governor’s is one current Presidential candidate.

Now reasonable person…Would that public event “constitute news” in your mind?


Well it didn’t for the folks that run and work for our own Daily Fishwrap.  They didn’t bother to show up, didn’t send either a reporter nor a photographer to this public event.  The ECT was there, so was Fox News and other national news media – along with their Satellite TV transmitting trucks.

Instead these self-described “Journalists” at the Daily Fishwrap relied exclusively on a story published in the Aspen Times newspaper (another left leaning media publication) owned by Swift Communications – the parent company of our Daily Fishwrap.

Naturally, the information provided in the Aspen Times story insisted (incorrectly) that there were 11 Governors accompanying the Presidential candidate speaking at the event in Eagle County.  (Click Here)  The ECT photo clearly shows there were 10.

By now many of our ECT readers, have had a synapse fire – and are now wondering “what other news is happening in Eagle County that our Daily Fishwrap can’t be bothered to report?”

The answer is plenty.  And a major reason why so many folks read the EagleCountyTimes.Com every week.  The ECT’s “moniker” at the top of our newspaper states “the ECT is dedicated to informing people who have to think for their living”.

So the ECT dedicates this HD Video (below) from last Thursday’s event – to the folks in Eagle County who were unable to attend.


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