Time to Bike where it was Cooler–than in Eagle County

by   it just got too hot in Eagle County this past weekend

So it became time to pack up the Bikes and head over to Summit County for a cooler Bike ride around Lake Dillon.


The ECT folks learned a few things on the easy ride around Lake Dillon (sans) Eagle County vis-à-vis Summit County.

Things Like…

ERPContrasting Eagle County’s Commissioner’s addiction to funding ‘open-space’ vs. Summit County’s Commissioner’s dedication to ACESSS of public lands, via an improved and growing system of (paved and not paved) Bike/Walking Trails.  Summit County better with Budgets?  Consider the fact that Summit County Commissioners have been able to keep funding the expansion of their Recreational Trails – in this tough Economy…

The so called ‘Hidden Gems’ access restrictions being promoted by Eagle County Commissioners (and our Daily Fishwrap’s endless stories of praise)…vs. Summit County’s growing ACCESS to public lands via Recreational Trails.

There just seems to be a different MENTALITY to Public Recreation – Eagle County’s vis-à-vis Summit County’s.

Consider – Is Eagle County over Regulated?  Why does a sign in one of Eagle County’s so called “open space” parks (photo) – speak more to what you CAN’T DO vs. what County Taxpayers “CAN DO?”  Doesn’t this park belong to “us”.  Why is the majority of the focus in Eagle County on what “we” can’t do, Commissioners?

Below are a few photos from exploring Summit County’s growing ACCESS to Public Lands and their Towns (Keystone, Breckenridge, Dillon, Silverthorne, Frisco) via their extensive Bike/Walking Paths – if you haven’t yet explored them – the ECT folks recommend you put a Summit County Bike Ride on your list of this Falls activities.  There are a lot more Summit County Bike/Walking trails now, than you remember.


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