Court Order – "I assign myself" to the Cordillera Case

by Fans of the Justice League

One of the (advantages?) of being the presiding Judge in Colorado’s 5th Judicial – is that your can assign Court cases – to yourself.

Well, he did.  (Click Here)

The Cordillera Litigation case (2011CV522) has been removed from current District Court Judge Fred “help me get my foot out of my mouth” Gannett to the presiding Judge Thomas Moorhead, by Moorhead’s own signed Court Order.  The ECT reported earlier on Judge Gannett’s personal battle with “foot in mouth” disease.  (Click Here)

How much confidence do the ECT folks have in Judge Moorhead’s ability?  The same level of confidence the ECT has in Attorney General Eric Holder’s ability to enforce Federal Immigration Law.

Mind you this case (cases actually) involve the civil litigation of Cordillera’s Plaintiff and Defendant suing each other – this separate legal action is 100% different/segregated from the Federal Bankruptcy case involving Cordillera’s Wilhelm Family Partnership.  That bankruptcy case moved from Delaware (where it was originally filed) back to Denver, in Federal Court.

All of these recent changes (plays into the hands – of the Wilhelm Family Partnership) who has (and will continue) to file for additional/endless Court delays for any reason at anytime.

Obviously, most Cordillera homeowners would prefer to see these lawsuits settled (not to mention real estate agents) sooner rather than later.  Clearly, the WFP sees these additional Courthouse delays – as strengthening their negotiating position.

Stay Tuned.


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