From the Street

by Clayton Moore

Last week LSU football Heisman Trophy (2011) finalist Tyrann Mathieu was kicked off the LSU football team for “the latest of several failed drug tests” since his arrival at LSU in 2010 (Click Here).  This summer LSU is ranked #1 in College Football’s pre-season poll.

Meanwhile…the University of Colorado released the results of their study last week confirming…

“Nearly three-quarters of teens in two metro-area substance-abuse treatment programs said they have used medical marijuana bought or grown for someone else, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.”  (ECT hat tip to Denver Post – Click Here)

The U of Colorado study continued…

“Only one of the 122 teens in the study who admitted to using medical marijuana was an approved patient. The findings hint that the leaking of medical marijuana from the legal state system to illegal users may be common in Colorado.”

Eagle County parents outraged that your Eagle County Commissioners have allowed these so called “medical marijuana – pot shops” to take root in our Community will have their voices heard at the election on Tuesday, November 6th 2012 – when the incumbent County Commissioner – Jon Stavney who is personally responsible for violating Federal Drug Law allowing these Pot Shops – tries to get himself re-elected.

Does this seem right to you?

Last year at this time your Eagle County School District Board members where busy promoting a proposed permanent Property Tax increase – that was known as 3B on last November’s Ballot.  It failed.

To many of Eagle County’s families were struggling (last year – and today) trying to make ‘ends meet’ and the last thing families fearing home foreclosure needed was another confiscatory property tax increase levied against their residence.

So?  So last week – one of your elected School Board members – had their own home enter Eagle County’s home foreclosure process.

Why would a reasonable Board member promote a permanent property tax increase when they themselves were also struggling to hang on to their own home?

Elected Board members “work for us” the taxpayer.  We (rightly) expect them to do the best job they can with the tax money given, no more no less.

What kind of School Board attitude does this kind of conduct represent?  “Do as I say, not as I do!”

No reasonable person (nor the ECT folks) have any wish to publically badger this Board member, it simply doesn’t help.  Our intent is to expose this high questionable behavior/attitude that seems to exist on our elected School Board…

The ECT won’t print this Board members name in this story – if you want to know who this Board member is ECT readers have to deliberately (Click Here) Eagle County public record – Foreclosure number 12-318 is where you should look.


6 responses

  1. Take a poll on how many underage students have used alcohol, which they get from someone over 21.

    The number would be much higher…and…oh yeah, alcohol kills people.

    Marijuana does not.

  2. Regarding “Does this seem right to you?”

    1) This person referred to is one of three public employees who publicly put their names on supporting increased property taxes ( aka Yes on 3B.) Of these three, one had their home sold in foreclosure, and two are in foreclosure currently.

    Before people say – “This is so sad, and another Sign of the Times” – keep in mind these three mentioned are Public tax paid employees who, as of now, have not lost their jobs, nor had their hours cut. So these cases are not applicable under today’s ‘hard times’ and as a result they garner no sympathy from me.

    2) Readers need to remember that (10 months ago) when these specific parties urged us to raise OUR own property taxes, that ‘Zero plus a percentage increase’ is still ZERO for these people who have stopped paying their share of property taxes!

    Zero ‘plus’ still equals ZERO – of course!


    Examples of HYPOCRISY:

    1) the hypocrisy of people who say one thing but do another

  3. For Dan– if you are talking Medical Use, read on: Denver Post, today, at 1 PM re criminal abuse thereof…

    If you mean legalizing such as alcohol for recreational use, well, at this time it is against Federal law, under Title 21 United States Code (USC) Controlled Substances Act = DEA, which includes Section 802.
    (16) The term “marihuana ” …. [CITE: 21USC802] [Page 372-380]

    That Federal law must be changed before any other discussion, approval can be implemented? Just like was done following Prohibition (

    08/13/2012 01:00:39 PM – Denver Post – Cops and Courts

    * Indictment: Denver marijuana dispensary part of illegal pot ring

    The Colorado Attorney General’s office has obtained a 59-count indictment against 11 people on allegations of running a multi-state marijuana-distribution ring that included black-market sales from a medical-marijuana dispensary.

    In the indictment, released Monday, the Attorney General’s office accuses the 11 of violations of the Colorado Organized Crime Control Act.

    This is not the first time medical-marijuana dispensaries in Colorado have been linked to black-market sales.

    A dispensary in Carbondale was shut down last year and its owner arrested after police said an undercover officer was able to buy cocaine there. (

    Read more:


  4. Re: “From the street” … Clayton, you must think all of your readers are simply simple and incapable of discernible comprehension. This twisted, biased and uninformed “piece of work” is ridiculous. It is insulting and is exactly the rotten kind of “stuff” we get out of the daily fishwrap all to often! Shame on you and shame on ECT! It appears obvious you do not understand the quagmire our marijuana laws are in. Obviously you don’t like Jon Stavney – he personally violated federal law (which is what it means by what you wrote)? Yeah, right. You are being moronic about medical marijuana laws, federal marijuana laws (why do they exist in the first place – it is and should be a state matter) and how they mesh into literal legal confusion for all citizens. If Mr. Stavney broke “the law”, have him arrested … then you’ll have to feel real consequences of such low-life journalism. This is a colossal disappointment to find this horrible caliber of misleading refuse in ECT. Your mother would NOT be proud (we can only hope).

    • Dear Catch’nRelease,

      Thank you for putting your Bong down long enough to leave your Comment here at the ECT.
      Feel free to ‘blast away’ here at the ECT.
      We support our 1st Amendment Rights as guaranteed by our U.S. Constitution.
      You are free to comment and disagree with the ECT at any time.
      OBTW – Have you noticed that Swift Communications (parent company) of our Daily Fishwrap…allows ONLINE comments over at their Aspen Times and (another example) Greeley Tribune online newspapers…yet not here at the Daily Fishwrap…
      Seems our Fishwrap friends prefer to dictate just where and where not our 1st Amendment Rights apply…
      Interesting, don’t you think?

  5. Friday – August 17th 2012 –

    GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — David Edgar, accused of selling medical marijuana and cocaine to undercover drug law enforcement agents, has pleaded guilty to one count of distributing cocaine.

    The deal was accepted Wednesday by District Judge James Boyd, just over a month before a trial was set to begin.

    Edgar, 30, of Basalt, ran the Mother Earth medical marijuana dispensary on Main Street in Carbondale.

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