Gaming the System – Obama/ECO style

by Clayton Moore

Solyndra” is a term that the current White House administration would prefer to have removed from the American Lexicon.

Solyndra speaks volumes of the failed White House policy of “let’s promote our eco-agenda with millions of taxpayer dollars” and worry about whether it was a good investment later.

Well, it wasn’t a good investment for Fremont, California based Solyndra…

…and it wasn’t for Greeley, Colorado either.  The DenverChannel reported last week that Colorado’s (Weld County’s – Abound Solar company) has also filed for Federal Bankruptcy Protection.  Abound Solar received a $400 Million dollar Federal loan guarantee from the Obama folks before it filed for bankruptcy on July 2nd 2012.

Abound-SolarIncidentally, Weld County (Greeley, Colorado) will ‘take a hit’ because besides not making a profit Abound Solar hasn’t’ paid their County property taxes either.

Chicago politics in Colorado?  One wonders just where all those Millions went.  The ECT believes it is reasonable to expect that a portion of it will turn up in Obama campaign contributions…since no Federal Investigation of Abound Solar’s Executives has been announced so far…

What do you believe?

Don’t worry…Election Day…Tuesday, November 6th 2012 – you’ll get your chance to let other taxpaying Americans know what you think about all this!

In the meantime the ECT folks will work to keep you informed as best we can.


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