Not so "Swift" explanation

by – you’re not fooling us!

Swift Communications is the parent company of both our own Daily Fishwrap and the Greeley, Colorado Tribune newspapers (Click Here).

Recently, the Greeley Tribune tried to go to a paid online subscription business model.  Obviously, the idea was…”if you give us your credit card number, you can read the Tribune online”.

FACT:  Millions of web sites all over the world sell stuff and take credit card numbers online every day.

So?  So, the folks from Swift Communications backed off their paid online subscription proposal (indefinitely) for their Greeley Tribune – citing below “the system that supports our website login for paying subscribers encountered significant problems”.


The ECT folks would like to suggest a different explanation:  Nobody (in effect) signed up online.

So, reasonable person, are you prepared to believe that a company the size of Swift Communications “can’t figure out how to take a credit card number – online”?

Believe whatever explanation you will.


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