Homo Sapiens Nature? – First consider how it Affects "me" and "my business"

by – an Eagle County Taxpayer

More Eagle County Open Space spending back in the news last week.

If we took Tax money from everyone and spent it on something that directly effects “me” and my business – why then that would be “good” for everybody, right?

Well that seems to be the thinking on the part of at least one local business person that will benefit from Eagle County Taxpayers – paying for more Colorado River access in Eagle County.  Granted there is more than one Eagle County (probably Routt County too) River related business (Rafting/Fishing) that sees this purchase as helping their seasonal business too.

At the ECT we look at these Open Space purchases and ask different questions.

How many NEW businesses have moved into Eagle County as a result of these Taxpayer funded open space purchases?

How many NEW Eagle County jobs have been created by these purchases?

How many Eagle County home foreclosures have been prevented by these purchases?

Has these purchases helped improve the County’s overall Sales Tax base?

Do your County Commissioners that spend millions of your Tax money on these purchases even care about these concerns?

Answer:  Obviously not…as long as there is a small cadre of special interest groups (that are very vocal) expressing their personal enthusiasm – at Open Space purchases that directly effect them and their businesses.

As Evidence of the ECT’s claim selfish people live here –  from last week’s Daily Fishwrap – is Exhibit A (Click Here)

Meanwhile…just in time for this November’s General Election –

It took over 4 years of constant badgering, cajoling and pointing out that Eagle County’s Open Space purchase program has been plagued by poor County Commissioner’s decisions.  Wasted Taxpayer money on land purchases we can’t find, use, or easily access.

Well they finally made room for some public parking and have made access easier for the purchase in Edwards, in the Homestead neighborhood.  The ECT believes this location was chosen over the other locations – because of the number of registered Eagle County voters – in Homestead.

Below are some exclusive photos of the folks responsible and the public improvements over the several months of this project.

Note the dates on these photos!


5 responses

  1. This is one of many reasons why we need to have at least one commissioner who is athletic. And why I am voting for Jeff Layman. Instead of more open space, why not more bike trails?

  2. The word is “affect”, not “effect”. Also, it seems you may as well start posting under your real name these days.

    • Glad to see this week’s online edition of the EagleCountyTimes.Com didn’t have a negative Affect on your current emotional state.
      Would you like to join the ECT’s ‘Sunday nite edit team’? ECT strives to reach 100% on our weekly edits before the blast email is sent early Monday moring.

      Rest assured your comment: …” it seems you may as well start posting under your real name these days…”

      Shalll be given all the consideration it deserves!

      Clayton Moore – EagleCountyTimes.Com

  3. Open Space, aren’t we surrounded by it???? The present commissioners have made many bad decisions! Spending millions of dollars on open space when 600 plus foreclosures occurred in the county in 2011 for one. Why not take money appropriated to open space and redirect it to the fire departments instead of trying to raise our taxes so firehouses won’t close. God forbid we lose hundreds of homes to wildfires in the future. They’ll be plenty of open space then…Think about it commissioners…

  4. Re “Would you like to join the ECT’s ‘Sunday nite edit team’?”

    Edit Team caught that ‘Affect vs Effect’ btw– just not fixed?

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