SunSpot Season

by  the Fans of George Harrison

Two different things – had to happen first.

First, the smoke driven haze from last week had to be just thick enough at Sunset in Eagle County, Colorado last week.  Second, there had to be something to see when you pointed your Charged-coupled device at old Sol – during last Thursday’s sunset.

There was something unusual to be seen.  A Sunspot just below the Sun’s equator at the otherwise east end of our exclusive ECT photo.


Here are a few other photos of last Thursday’s Sunset to confirm you’re not looking at the perihelion of mercury nor a dust spot on the lens of Peter Parker’s digital camera!

Meanwhile last week….

Pooches who can make Par (and others) were welcomed at the Gypsum Creek Golf Course – for their own brand of Puppy Plunge in the Pool…just before the Pool was closed for the Summer Season.  The Bushwood Country Club never had this much fun with Canine cameras!


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