USA Pro Cycling – Arrives Beaver Creek–August 23rd 2012

by the fans of Lance

Actually, it’s unheard of.

At this professional level, and for the last 95+ miles of the bike race from Aspen to Beaver Creek  today – Jens Voigt (GER) (team RadioShack-Nissan-Trek) led this Stage 4 race and won it – by himself.  Out in front for 95 miles with no team help.

Amazing.  Unbelievable.  Look at the man’s determination.

The ECT folks have seen bike riders, riding down hill that don’t look as good as this guy did finishing pedaling uphill into Beaver Creek Resort on Thursday.


Guys…if you’ve ever wondered why these professional bike riders are in such a hurry to reach the finish line first – the ECT would like to offer our exclusive photos of two good reasons – as proof these guys are properly motivated!  Just click on our photos to enlarge them!


For more exclusive ECT photos and a look see at Thursday’s event – check out the ECT’s slide show below!  PS – Tell Lindsay the ECT says Hi!  And tell Bob – he’s still on a Roll too!  USA Pro Cycling General Classification Results – Thursday, August 23rd 2012 (Click Here)


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