ECT’s Report on Romance along the River? Reportedly on the Decline in Vail, Ladies…

by Peter Parker…by the way just where is MJ these days?

Romance it seems….has been on the decline for years…at least in Vail.  Whether it’s our tough local economy or just times in general the ECT is concerned that since 2010 – Eagle County is “on the slide” in the Romance department, Ladies!

August 2010 – things we’re looking good for Romance “hope and change” on the move!


Then in August 2011 –Romance obviously still on the Mind – but desperately in need of a less Canine companion!!!


Now in August 2012 – Hope and Change for Erik as well as Romance in general… seems to have floated its way down the River – Gore Creek in Vail…and almost taking the table cloth with it!


Fear not Ladies the ECT will also point out that Vail’s Entrepreneurial Spirit is alive and well – albeit – even if Romance in Vail is on the decline!  Perhaps (dateless?) Erik might want to consider putting Lemonade back on his Sunday Brunch menu next year – that it seems – is what the pretty Vail Biker Ladies prefer these days!


Water Ecology your thing?  Not romance?  Please advise your Eco-friends to note the multi-year flow rates photographed in Vail’s Gore Creek during late August – one year to the next.  Look closely.  The ECT folks did.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.  Climate Change?  Drought? The evidence shows…

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  1. Mr. are clearly obsessed with the island on Gore Creek. However what seemed funny two years ago, is frankly quite tastless today, as it makes a laughingstock out of a very private, intimate and cherished moment between two people. Perhaps you’re the one who needs more romance in your life, since Erik and I seem to be doing just fine in that department without the other.

    • Yikes! Senorita Rita!
      ECT started out worried about ‘Romance in Vail’ now the ECT discovers our concern misplaced!
      It’s a lost ‘sense of humor’ that seems to be what’s missing here.
      Curious. Your comment: ”a very private, intimate and cherished moment between two people.”
      The table obviously in the middle of Vail’s Gore Creek and it’s also along the main bike path in Vail (from which the original photo was taken – that first Sunday morning in 2010). Hundreds of bike riders, hikers folks fishing use that trail on the weekend.
      ECT not sure where ones (expectation of privacy?) comes from in this setting.
      Humor? Yes, of the Comic book variety. Story’s author makes reference to Peter Parker – (a.k.a. Spiderman)…who (Peter that is) made his comic living by taking photographs for J. Jonah Jameson of the Daily Bugle. Speaking of Romance…Peter’s comic girlfriend was known as MJ, her reference too.
      Science Corner – turns out some of our friends at the Water District enjoyed the multi-year photos of the Water Flow for Gore Creek – photographed in the late August time frame. Water Flow past the same rocks on the bank – was the key indicator. Turns out the historical water flows for the month of August are very similar, regardless of how big a snow year (read: runoff) we had.
      Here is the link to the graph of the water data – now confirmed by 3 years of ECT photos.

      Your Welcome! For the original nice photo the ECT took in the first year. ECT happy to email that original high-resolution photo to you if you wish! No charge.
      In the meantime you might consider “lightening –up” your attitude…just a bit.

  2. Yes, I got the Spiderman references…yes I am aware that the island is clearly visible from the bikepath to anyone who cares to look, and yes I do own the original picture – although thank you for your offer to send it – . What I mean by ” private” is repeteadly publishing this story year after year seems disrespectful. But who knows?
    Maybe next year you’ll take a picture of something worth writing about. I’m certainly fond of the island. And I mean this with the most enlightened attitude there is.

  3. I love the first picture— I never forgot it— and as for the dog in Pic 2, I smiled, dogs are the most loving of creatures and they are very much a part of our family unit for sure. As for the blowing tablecloth, 3rd picture, just looks like someone (or “someones”) has dined there very recently so I thought it was cute all the way around. I smiled.

    You are so lucky to own that island! That is so touching and sweet. We could use more of that in today’s world. kindness, sweetness. And smiles–things that make us smile. Thank you Rita for sharing that with us.

  4. The island was indeed built for Ms. Rita’s birthday dinner and as good fortune would have it, breakfast the next day. Although she no longer visits, this island itself has provided much humor and joy for countless path goers. In fact as i write this there is a family stopped and taking pictures right this moment. Watch out Mr. Parker you might have some novice competition, freedom of the press and all. And for any enviro naysayers out there (we heard you last summer) as Parker says lighten up, it is a temporary structure which sits within my property boundaries, made of untreated natural lumber. I’m a fan of anything that brings some joy to life. Hey Mr. Parker thanks for the offer of the photo…I would love a high res shot emailed…posterity and all.

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