ERFPD – What you’re Not Being Told, Yet?

by Clayton Moore

ERFPD = Eagle River Fire Protection District

FACT:  Last November 2011 the ERFPD asked for a TEMPORARY Property Tax Increase (Click Here).  Voters turned them down – as the Voters did with our School Districts request for their proposed Permanent Property Tax increase.

FACT:  On this November 2012 Ballot Voters living in the ERFPD’s geography will be asked to support a PERMANENT Property Tax Increase.ERFPD

FACT:  On Friday, September 7th 2012 we will all know if any other Fire District in Eagle County from East Vail to Basalt and El Jebel in the West – plans to ask their voters for any Property Tax increase.

FACT:  When Property Values decrease over time these so-called Taxing Authorities (ERFPD to name one) correspondingly receive less money – LIKEWISE when Property Values increase due to Market forces these Taxing Authorities AUTOMATICALLY get more Tax Money.  All due to the “magic” of their respective ‘Mill Levy’s’ printed on your Property Tax Bill you might say…

FACT:  The ERFPD’s proposed Ballot Question – asks for a Permanent Tax increase based on your 2010 Property Tax Bill (Click Here).  The ECT made a quick call last week to Eagle County’s “Office of the Assessor” to check.  Our suspicions were confirmed.  The 2010 Property Tax Bill (January 2010) we all received and since paid – WAS BASED ON Property Values from the 2007-2008 Property Valuations!  Those are still the highest Property Valuations ever in the history of Eagle County, Colorado!!

FACT:  Regardless of the Voter outcome in November 2012 our ERFPD will continue to be funded based on the Property Valuations and Mill Levy’s we have in place today.

The Geography and affected voters of the ERFPD are as follows…(Camp Hale, Tennessee Pass, Redcliff, Minturn, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Mountain Star, Wildridge, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Homestead, Edwards, Lake Creek, Singletree, Pilgrim Downs, Cordillera, Bellyache Ridge, Red Sky Ranch and the portions of I-70, Hwy 6 & 24) communities.  Beaver Creek contracts with the ERFPD for their Fire Protection service today.

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