From the Street

by  Clayton Moore

Clayton Moore is in Vail Rotary’s Duck Race scheduled for this Labor Day Weekend and he thinks you should be too!  That’s next weekend folks!

Let’s face it – your luck has to be better than Lance Armstrong’s!  And for only $5.00 to help pad Vail Rotary’s Scholarship Fund – you can find out!  Get busy – click on the graphic below!


Of NOTE for Vail Voters from last week – it was buried as usual in the Daily Fishwrap.

Vail Voters will most likely be facing a November Ballot question – asking Voters to agree to pay for a “permanent funding source” (read: tax increase) for some sort of (special events marketing group?)

The Catch?  From what the ECT has been assured – the Vail folks getting the $$$ and spending it – are NOT elected officials!!!  The majority allegedly appointed…Yikes!

We all know if an elected official is doing things you DON’T approve of – you can vote to remove him/her.

What leverage does any Taxpayer have against an appointed official actively spending your money on things you don’t agree with? Answer:  None.

Stay tuned.  More information coming on this one!

Avon Taxpayers/Voters – are still “under the gun” for the Fire Districts proposed permanent Property Tax increase – however now OFFICIALLY NOT under any threat for a Ballot Question from the Town of Avon’s City Council.  Earlier the TOA did reserve space on November Ballot with the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office…The allegations are – that the Town Council was considering a Ballot Question that would have allowed the Town of Avon Taxpayer be responsible to pay back the remaining Bond Debt currently being paid for by the “Traer Creek Metro District” that was originally floated for Avon’s Wal~Mart and Home Depot infrastructure.  Avon’s Councilmembers – the ECT has been told could not agree on what to do.  It’s official the TOA will not be using the Ballot Space they originally reserved…


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