Public School Vouchers? What can we learn from other School Districts?

by    “it’s for the kids…isn’t it”

They have them.  We don’t.

It seems…the difference between Indiana and Colorado is that Indiana is willing to try something new to improve (K-12) Public Education – and so far…the Centennial State is not.

IndianaCase in point.  South Bend’s Public School District.  What’s going on?  According to a recent article in the South Bend Tribune (Click Here) their Public School District is expecting to loose ~600 students this year.

Further – that represents a loss of $6,152 per student to the District according to the report .

So?  So what did their School Board decide to do?  Address the underlying Education issues that have caused their District to hemorrhage so many students?

No?  Instead their Board approved $30,000.00 in a new marketing and advertising budget designed to convince Parents that what they know is going on in Public School’s – isn’t.

Pathetic – is the first term that comes to mind.  They can’t figure out why they have a Public School problem?  The good news?  Well so far their District hasn’t tried to raise Property Taxes…

The fact is you can figure it will take about 3-5 years of “market based” Public School Education before their new system “shakes out”.  Student’s still need teachers and if an Indiana teacher doesn’t work for the District – there is most likely a job waiting at the Charter or other Private School.  3-5 years  of evaluation is needed – no doubt to see any real change in graduation rates.

Consider this:  School Board vs. free Market decisions by parents

Who really has a better chance at improving Public education in Indiana?  A local School Board – who ignores the Public Education issues in favor of spending $30.000.00 on a new marketing budget – or concerned Parents who talk to each other and put their kids in the best Schools they can find?

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