The Hilarious Return of Y.O.P. to local Politics

Anyone who has been around our Eagle County for a while is aware of the old Speakout! newspaper and “he” the Publisher who liked to refer to himself as “ye olde publisher” henceforth referred to here at the ECT as – YOP.

Folks know that YOP know that he sees himself as a sort of self proclaimed local ‘litmus test’ to declare all things “Conservative” (or not) from a political point of view.

So what humorous and entertaining things has YOP been up to lately?

Jeff-Layman-1Well…after selling some front page political advertising (in his Business Briefs paper) to GOP Eagle County Commissioner candidate – Jeff Layman (R) – YOP began to publically trash, in print, Jeff and Jeff’s Primary Election campaign for “perceived” non-conservative political positions.  Oh my.

So what happened then?  Well…a couple of months ago YOP went on to emphatically and repeatedly endorse Jeff’s opponent in print for the early summer GOP primary – which Jeff went on to win by over a 2-1 voter margin!  Yeah, we said over a 2-1 voter margin!  Credit to YOP for his extensive knowledge and execution of “backfire campaign politics”.

Never-RespondedYOP’s relentless attacks against Jeff’s campaign continued after the primary and even into today as we head into Novembers General Election – now it seems YOP is publically complaining in print that Jeff and his campaign have now stopped returning phone calls and Emails to YOP.  Shocking.  How completely unexpected!  How dare Jeff exercise his 1st Amendment Rights this way!  Especially when it is the YOP that is asking such “important” questions!

Well just to show our Community that YOP (a.k.a “Mr. Conservative”) has no troubleBB-Endorses-Tax-Increase-1 criticizing Republican candidates – he’s now moved on and is endorsing that stalwart principle of all Conservative Politicians everywhere – YOP is supporting the PERMANENT PROPERTY TAX INCREASE, that if passed – will be levied against Taxpayers living in the Eagle River Fire Protection District on November 2012’s Ballot.

The ECT’s position on these observed landmark/recent (Conservative oriented) events?

Going forward – the ECT would like to encourage the Eagle River Fire Protection District’s leadership team to advertise extensively in YOP’s print publication in order to best support their proposed Permanent Property Tax Increase on this November’s Ballot.  The entertainment factor alone to our Community by advertising there – should not be overlooked!

Ditto recommendation to our local Fire Fighters – Public Sector Union’s – support for the same proposed Tax Increase.

That otta’ just about do it Fire Chief Bauer…don’cha you think?

2 responses

  1. Michael Cacioppo was a nut, is a nut and will continue to be a nut in our community. We agree ECT, Cacioppo has high entertainment value. Nothing beyond that.

  2. I don’t think he is a nut case, I do think he fought hard to protect taxpayer money here. He won, more than once, in court so that is, or was, more than entertainment.

    I do find it odd to support throwing good money after bad re a tax hike though, especially if the funds were diverted to welfare support as was written. Wouldn’t it be better to force the stripped of funds ‘govpeople’ to Vote Smart(er) next time, to protect their own financial interests, rather than keep replacing their losses via more taxpayer dollars? Fixing it for them changes nothing nor stems wasting taxpayer dollars. That is “enabling” in my opinion.

    (Referencing this paragraph from Business Briefs)
    “For example, many governments waste money on enabling welfare programs that are poorly
    designed and help enslave people to remain on welfare-Of course, those governments then don’t have money left out of their general funds to do the basic work of police, fire, roads and parks and recreation-”

    At such time taxpayers/economy recover, so will the funding increase.

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