Beaver Creek’s OktoberFest – 2012

by   Helmut’s Beer Drinking Buddies!

Helmut Fricker and friends shown here – prove that Beaver Creek’s OktoberFest is a great place to hang out with the Ladies – however caution is advised as a bit too much Weiner Schnitzel and Bud Light may cause one to become a bit “tongue tied”.

Check out the ECT’s slide show from Beaver Creek’s 2012 OktoberFest!  Helmut and Friends will be attending Vail’s OktoberFest next weekend – September 8-9th 2012.


Holy Chuck Berry!  Duck Walkin’ is apparently Legal on Labor Day Weekend 2012 – in Vail’s Gore Creek!!!!

Just below the Bridge on Vail’s Bridge Street was the starting line of this years Rotary – Duck Race!  In case you were wondering – yes, that’s Clayton Moore’s Duck up at the Front of the starting gate! – Just in! Monday morning – 3SEPT2012 from Rotary member Kent Pettit of Pettit Photography!  Winners of the 2012 Rotary Duck Race!  (Click Here)


The sights of Vail’s Labor Day Weekend – 2012!  How many folks can you identify?


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