County Commissioner candidate – Courtney Holm

by   a District 2 County resident

The name Courtney Holm will appear on your November 6th County wide Ballot.  Courtney wants your vote to become the next Eagle County Commissioner from District 2.

Who is she?  What does Courtney do for her living?

What the ECT has learned is that…

Web site:   www.ElectCourtney.Com  (you can make campaign contributions online there)  Contributions by U.S. Mail – P.O. Box 7389 – Avon, Colorado 81620 – check made to “Committee to Elect Courtney Holm”

EMail:  Courtney4Commissioner@GMail.Com

C  970.306.7199

Courtney is a long time Eagle County resident who is a Juris Doctor with her legal practice office in Eagle Vail.  Areas of practice include Family Law and Divorce – which tells the ECT, Ms. Holm has some first hand experience and knowledge of what Eagle County’s rampant home foreclosure rate has done (and is doing) to our friends and families in our Community.

Like most of us, Courtney is athletic and enjoys being outdoors doing the same things manyof us like to do.

What about the issues of this November’s County Commissioner election – where 2 out of the 3 seats are up for grabs?

Courtney3Keep spending Millions on Open Space?  Or go to the voters and ask?  Legally it turns out local Voters can only ask the County Commissioners to put the question of REPEAL on the Ballot – citizens cannot legally force the Ballot question with a Referendum…

So where does Ms. Holm stand on the issue of “putting the question of the Repeal of the County’s Open Space Tax” on your Ballot?

Courtney – “As relates to Open Space, I believe that open space needs to be usable and accessible when our tax dollars are involved. I have heard mixed reviews from county constituents as to whether the open space should go back to the voters or if newly elected commissioners might make the choices for open space that the tax payers originally anticipated rather than private purchases with little or no access. I would be responsive to the voters of this county as to their wishes to bring that back on the ballot, and if the intentions of the voters can’t be achieved through the commissioners then the decision should go back to the voters. We are in a very different position economically than we were in 2002 and I think the immediate needs of our county residents need to be the focus at this time, from finding ways to generate a sustainable economy and maintaining our basic services like roads and bridges.”

ECT Comment:  A simple yes or no would do.  Courtney’s opponent in the election is incumbent Jon Stavney (D) – who is on public record – REFUSING to go to the voters and put the question of the repeal of the Open Space tax on your Ballot!

As we move closer to November’s Election – the ECT folks will be asking all candidates questions – as to what Eagle County – can and should be doing to help improve Eagle County Colorado’s local economy.

Next up?  Commissioner Candidate – Jill Ryan (D)


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