County Commissioners – Missing the Economic Point

by  local ECT contributor

Once again – our County Commissioners are missing the mark – when it comes to helping grow our local County Economy.

Our Chambers understand what our County Commissioners don’t…

Consider:  The Vail Valley Partnership hosted a “Chamber Roundtable” on August 30th 2012 at Manor Vail Lodge in Vail.    Several Western Slope Chambers were represented from Vail, Lionshead, Eagle Vail, Minturn, Red Cliff, Beaver Creek, Eagle and Gypsum with attendance of 75 business people from throughout the Eagle County.  Much of theVail-Valley-Partnership discussion (almost all of it) was focused on the success of the many EVENTS that have been created or brought to the County and hosted  by the various Municipalities and Private Sector groups in our Community.  In general, these events have put “Heads in Beds” according to (Partnership board member) Brian Nolan  and these guests have spent money at restaurants, lodges, grocery stores, transportation companies, activity providers, (paid County Sales Tax) etc, which helps our economy throughout the Vail Valley.  Guests seem most interested in participating in multiple seasonal activities so western slope Chambers are working to schedule complementary sequenced seasonal events and avoid conflicts.

Meanwhile…your Eagle County Commissioners just spend your Tax money on more unneeded Open Space and pander to special (River) interests anxious to get their incumbent candidate re-elected – in hopes of having more Taxpayer money spent protecting their (3 months of the summer) River businesses…


One response

  1. The best part of this roundtable was afterwards many of the participants from the Chambers gathered in the lobby to discuss how they could work together. Proving the spirt of collaboration is alive and well.

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