From the Street

Eagle County’s “Greatest Pretenders” live in Avon.

Pretend what?

That some how they actually do care about Avon and the proposed legal settlement with Avon Developer Traer Creek.  They don’t.

Here is what these ‘Great Pretenders’ aren’t telling you in their pathetic and arguably misleading letters printed in the Daily Fishwrap.


1 – None have (so far) written about the current and ongoing cost of this multi-year lawsuit – the expense of what it is costing all other Avon Taxpayers.  ECT certain they don’t know, moreover don’t care – else they would have pointed it out, right?  Fact is months ago (July 2012) the total legal expense number (2009-2012) number was ($2,767,440.75).  The vast majority of which was the legal expense fighting Traer Creek.  Expanded Avon Bike Trails?  Increased Bus Service/Routes in Avon?  Forget it – Avon’s City Council (and some Avon property owners) much more interested in funding a Lawsuit at the behest of the Pretenders – that after years – arguably, still has it’s “legal football” on the 50 yard line.  How much is enough Eagle Bend Drive property owners?  Oh yeah Pretenders…you don’t spend/think/manage Avon’s Taxpayer money the way you spend your own.

2 – Avon’s ability to generate Retail Sales Tax revenue is now 100% in competition with the Town of Eagle.  Just one example – Where should a (example: Whole Foods? or WF’s competitor) locate their next store?  Eagle’s – just approved Eagle River Station development or Avon’s Traer Creek?  It is flat unlikely that any (major?) retailer would commit to any Developer – currently tied up in years of litigation.

3 – Apparently these Pretenders don’t read any of the legal/Public Record rulings from the Judge in this case.  Especially a very recent one – that ‘speaks volumes’ of the strength of Avon’s case/argument – Avon’s lawyer(s) it seems – haven’t read the 1998 Annexation Agreement between Avon  and Developer Traer Creek or just doesn’t understand “the plain language of the agreement” as referenced precisely by the Judge in his recent Ruling.  (Click Here)

4 – Should the case go back to the Courtroom (which now seems more likely) – what about the additional financial Risks to every other Avon Taxpayer/Property Owner – should the Developer file Counter Claims and Claims for his millions in Legal Fees that now seem likely and possible – due to the Judges Ruling referenced in (3) above.  No Avon Taxpayers…the Pretenders have no interest in mentioning this possible (likely?) outcome should the proposed settlement fail.  You see…they, our great Avon Pretenders “care” far too much about Avon you see…to consider and mention this possible Courtroom outcome.

5 – Respect for Private Property – and documented (1998) DCryBabyevelopment Rights?  How incredibly fortunate for the Developer that Traer Creek has Property Owners living on near by Eagle Bend Drive in Avon that know far more about what should/shouldn’t be developed on land owned by someone else.  Wow, how lucky can any Developer get?

The ECT folks could go on an on…what’s needed for Avon to move forward is to get this multi-year lawsuit settled (now – per the proposed settlement) and for both sides to live up to what has already been agreed to in writing.

Time for you to grow up Pretenders.  Is that your young child the ECT hears ‘screaming in the Toy Section’ of Avon’s Wal~Mart?

Hot off their Success with the Labor Day – Duck Race in Vail….

The next tri-club Rotary meeting his being held in Edwards at the Gobi (Mongolian Beef) Vail-RotaryRestaurant – this Wednesday, September 5th 2012.  It’s $20.00 per person and the meetings topic is the ‘10th Mountain Division’.  For more information contact the Edwards Rotary Club Secretary – Brenda Harper W  970.569.3600 – EMail:  tell ‘em the ECT sent you!


One response

  1. ECT your picture with your story about the pretenders in Avon is perfect.
    Your picture says it all about how Avon is being managed today.
    A City Council with absolutely no sense of direction and the Town clearly being run, literally by a bunch of Horses Assess!

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