Market Based Competition "heats up" in the middle of Eagle County

by  Competition helps make us all better

Every single Real Estate professional in Eagle County and else where has a keen understanding of Market Based competition – and the trick to the Realtors game of finding that “magic number in the middle” that allows a real estate deal to close.

They’re not the only ones who understand this fundamental Market principle.

Others do to – case in point – mid valley – Rte. 6 in Eagle Vail.  The new owners of “Mountain Café and Gas” (the old Rte. 6 café location) have given their customers a break on the price of their gas.  Owners “John and brother Ben Berdiev” proudly state their gas prices are $0.10 a gallon cheaper than in Vail and less than than in Avon’s gas stations as well.

Good.  The ECT encourages our readers to support the brothers new business venture that helps support our local economy.

The ECT folks also feels compelled to report a problem with Eagle County that John and Ben experienced recently.  Getting Eagle County to approve new, reasonable signage for their new business venture – from Eagle County.  The brothers and their new Eagle County based business – were flat denied by Eagle County very recently.  Why would Eagle County’s Government not want to help a new business – a business that generates Sales Tax Dollars for Eagle County?

The brothers explained to an ECT contributor – that their goal was to increase the visible advertising (road side signage) that shows drivers their price for gasoline was ~$0.10 cheaper per gallon than any of their near by competitors.

Perhaps the Brothers new Eagle Vail business was located “too far” from the River – where our County Commissioners – seem to like to hang out before their next election…

In any event the ECT would like to encourage our New County Commissioner Candidates to meet with business owners John and Ben – and take them to lunch at one of our Mid-Valley Restaurants – in order to better understand the ‘barriers to new Business’ our current Board of County Commissioners – seem to have put in place.

These Two Lunch Stop Restaurants (below) are an excellent choice – both Establishments compete directly against each other in Avon’s Lunch Business market – and the food, service and prices reflect that healthy Market Based Competition our local consumers and County deserves.


Another excelling choice for Lunch in Avon is Loaded Joe’s


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