This Fishwrap Columnist was Hilarious last week!

by    the dark forces of Market based Capitalism

Fishwrap Columnist Henry Bornstein is really funny.

His entertaining Column on the value of his alleged (socialist?) belief system had the ECT laughing out loud last week.  The ECT hopes Mr. Bornstein enjoys the ECT’s column as much as we enjoyed his!

Indeed, one wonders what the list of Mr. Bornstein ‘Facebook friends’ must read like…the Castro brothers, Kim Il Jong II, Venezuela’s Hugh Chavez?chavez-castro

It’s quite obvious, Mr. Bornstein doesn’t believe the entertaining left leaning musings he professes to support in his column – else Mr. Bornstein would sell his Avon residence in favor of extraditing himself to that Socialist Utopia of Venezuela!

The ECT folks feel compelled to warn Mr. Bornstein about Venezuela!  Even in a Socialist country like Venezuela, the dark forces of Market based Capitalism still exist!

Proof?  OK, consider the recent “fee for service” dispute that erupted after a night spent with a young woman in a Caracas Hotel Room by a male Agent of Obama’s U.S. Secret Service detail.  Mr. Bornstein’s view seems to be…“gee, if only Socialist Government Regulators had been in Obama-and-Sandra-Fluke-hugging2the room that night there would have been no dispute on the fee for service.”  The ECT’s view is that if Government had been in the room everyone would have definitely gotten screwed, and then been forced to pay a confiscatory Tax based on their shared experience.  The morning after?  They’d all be required by the Government to hold hands and sing a “heart felt” rendition of Kumbaya – in Spanish!  Just imagine Mr. Bornstein…this determined Democrat (and Obama pal – photo) Sandra Fluck’s reaction when she learns the young enterprising business woman in that Hotel room…may have actually had to pay for her own contraceptives!  Say it isn’t so, Henry!

Gee, Mr. Bornstein’s column muses…if only more Democrats could be in charge.  The GOP is messing everything up.  Those dumb old Americans who voted to put Republicans in charge of the House – after the landmark 2010 mid-term election – clearly don’t get it!  The Democrats that forced “obamacare” on Americans – got fired at the polls that following November.  Stop messing things up, American voters!  What’s wrong with you?  Besides, you didn’t build your own Business anyway!  Apparently Mr. Bornstein believes some of his friends must have done that for you!

Mr. Bornstein – the ECT wants you to know that we too have a sense of humor here at the ECT.  So we’ve setup a special fund here so we can take you to the movies next month.

The ECT has picked out a special new movie (and home made poster) we think you’d enjoy based on your recent Fishwrap columns.  A sort of how the politically “left leaning” might view the “right leaning” 2016 film.  The ECT is also checking with Stanley Kubrick to see if we can borrow his special movie going ‘head-gear’ as an offer to maximize your personal viewing of Dinesh D’Souza’s new film – 2016.

The ECT has gone to some trouble to make this special movie poster for you.



You’re just too funny Mr. Bornstein, please keep writing!


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