Failing to tell the Truth – the Fire District’s Board Member

by Clayton Moore

If someone failed to tell you the Truth – what would you call it?

That is EXACTLY what Fishwrap reporter Scott Miller and ERFPD Board Member Clark Shivley did in print – last week.  Here is your proof.


FACT:  This November 2012 – the Eagle River Fire Protection District is going to ask Voters for a Permanent Property Tax Increase.  They want to Permanently Raise Taxes via the Mill Levy on every Home and Commercial Property in their District.

FACT:  2010 “tax revenue levels” referenced above in the District were based onERFPD-Board-Member-Clark-Shivley Property Valuations in year(s) 2007-2008.  A quick call to our County’s office of the Assessor – confirmed those Property Valuations were and still are the Historical High Property Valuations, resulting in the highest Property Tax Bills in Eagle County’s history!

FACT:  No where in the November 2012 Ballot Language (Click Here) is there a written nor legal commitment – to support the claim (above) by elected Fire District Board Member Clark Shivley.  Scott Miller wrote this story from last week.  (Click Here) Further, Board member Clark Shivley (photo) can speak ONLY to his personal vote on adjusting future year Mill Levy’s – he cannot, nor does he have any statutory authority to speak on how other ERFPD Board Members will vote on adjusting future years Mill Levy.

FACT:  Like all Fire District Elected officials – Mr. Shivley’s term in office is limited.  Mr. Shivley nor any of his Elected peers on the ERFPD Board can “guarantee” how future Boards will vote to adjust their Mill Levy in the years to come.  Keep in mind this Board is asking voters for a Permanent Property Tax increase (via their Mill Levy) that will affect all future Property Tax Bills in their District.

FACT:  The comment attributed to Mr. Shivley in Scott Miller’s story – is not Truthful.  There is simply no written legal guarantee – that voters can point to – that supports the claim attributed to Mr. Shivley in Scott Miller’s story.

FACT:  Adequate Fire Protection is an important issue to all reasonable voters and property owners in Mr. Shivley’s District.

It is essential that voters be given factual information and give careful evaluation of that information – before voting to Raise Taxes Permanently this November.

What is Fishwrap Reporter – Scott Miller – Talking about?

A reasonable question.

How many Fire Stations in the Eagle River Fire Protection District?

Scott Miller’s story from last week – suggests “Five Fire Stations 0r Three”


HUH?  What is Scott Miller and Clark Shivley talking about?

A quick visit to the Fire District’s web site ( lists not 5 but rather 9 current stations in the Fire District (Click Here).  The ERFPD also maintains an additional Administrative office (not listed below) in Avon.


Mr. Miller and Mr. Shivley – if we’re going to have a reasonable discussion about the proposed “Permanent Property Tax Increase” on our November 2012 Ballot – doesn’t it make sense to start with an agreement on “just how many” Fire Stations, we’re talking about?

ECT readers can decide for themselves if Mr. Miller or ERFPD (Board Member) Mr. Clark Shivley (or both?) – are having trouble with their apparent inability to count accurately past the number 5.

For those ECT readers concerned that the ECT (may have?) taken the above statements “out of context” here is Mr. Miller’s entire story from last week’s Fishwrap (Click Here)


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