From the Street

by Clayton Moore

ECT ‘Hat Tip’ to Maryland Governor – Martin O’Malley (D) for…well…for telling the TRUTH at the DNC Convention last week.

When asked on camera last week if Americans (in general) were “Better Off” than they were 4 years ago – Governor O’Malley said “No”.

Make no mistake the ECT folks know the difference be a ‘political gaff’ and the Truth.  The Truth is…for millions of American’s – “We’re NOT Better Off” than 4 years ago.

The ECT encourages every reader to ask themselves that same question before election day this year – Tuesday, November 6th 2012.


Is the Daily Fishwrap reporting to you – the TRUTH?  You decide.  Last week the Fishwrap reporters insisted that the installation of Vail’s new Gondola was “on schedule”.

OK.  So?  Given that most of the Leitner-Poma Construction crew doesn’t live in Eagle County – and that most Construction workers (the ECT knows) would prefer to spend time with their families on the weekend…then WHY…are some of these Construction workers – working on Sunday, September 9th – if the new Gondola installation is currently “on schedule” as insisted by the Fishwrap’s report last week.  Hmmm.

The ECT folks don’t know (for sure) if Vail’s new Gondola installation is on schedule or not.  The ECT folks don’t believe the Fishwrap folks know for sure either…

ECT readers (with documentation about this) are encouraged to contact the ECT.



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