Of Women – Tampa vs. Charlotte

by Clayton Moore

Of Women?  Clayton says – he likes Women so much, he married one.

It’s fair to say…our two dominant political parties want Women to like them too – in order to encourage Women to vote for their respective Presidential Candidates.

Over the last two weeks American voters watching the DNC and RNC Conventions saw how each Party views Women today and their distinctly different approach’s to getting Women to vote for them.

First up was the convention in Tampa, Florida.  Current GOP Governors – Jan Brewer (Arizona), Nikki  Haley (South Carolina), Susana Martinez (New Mexico) – Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, Mayor Mia Love – Saratoga Springs, Utah…and many more.

Their stories while different shared a central theme – years of hard work, perseverance, living in a great Country and the importance of the Individual and what can be achieved by the Individual living in our great Country.

Arguably and all in all – a “heads-up – above the neck” sales pitch of speeches  if you will – from these very successful and highly capable Women.

Meanwhile…the following week at the other Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina…

On display…the leadership team at the DNC has a very different view of Women, what’s important to Women and how to get Women to vote for their party’s candidates.

Apparently, the DNC’s leadership is far more concerned about Women in the context of opportunities for Women – below their waist…not above their Neck

Consider:  Obama Pal – Sandra Fluck – paraded out once again for a prime time speechObama-and-Sandra-Fluke-hugging2 by Sandra on the importance to Women of getting free, Government supplied contraceptives.  Once graduated from Georgetown law school is Ms. Fluck planning to open a Law practice in Las Vegas – to represent the interests of Women who walk the streets there – to make their living?  How many votes there – Sandra – in any Presidential election?  Indeed, just how interested are Women in our Gay Community to the issue Fluck is pushing into the Main Stream of American Politics?

When it comes to the topic of “choice” the ECT can’t figure out why any reasonable Woman would “choose” to be represented by Candidates more concerned about issues below their Waist then issues of importance to Women – above their Neck?  Business Careers, Family, Motherhood, Educational opportunities for their children – all much more important issues to the Women the ECT knows….not just a single issue related to the few things a Woman can obtain for (free?) – at Government funded – Planned Parenthood.

SOS-Dr-RiceOBTW – ECT wants congratulates Dr. Rice for her recent invitation to join the Augusta National Golf Club – a formerly 100% private male Golf Club – for the last 80 years.

At times during that DNC convention in Charlotte – the ECT thought they were listening to Convention speeches from our Medical Community about a D & C not political speeches from the DNC!!!

In any event ladies – you’ve had the vote since 1920 – the ECT just asks you to consider – how our two political parties – think about what’s most important to you!

Many of the Women the ECT knows – have already made that choice too!


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