2nd Home Owners can VOTE in Eagle County this November 2012

by the fans of Patrick Henry

It’s True.  Pay attention local Real Estate Community – your next Commissioned Sale to a prospective 2nd Home Owner may depend on it!

If you are a 2nd homeowner in Eagle County – you can VOTE in this November 2012 Election – to protect your Property against additional Confiscatory Taxation – from the Eagle County Fire Protection District.

OK, what’s the Deal?

This is the Deal…if you are…

1 – A registered State of Colorado Voter and…

2 – The Private/Commercial Property you own in Eagle County, Colorado is Registered with the County – as owned by YOU the individual, not a Corporation…

You are eligible to vote in Eagle County, Colorado this November 6th 2012 on the proposed Permanent Property Tax increase – if your Property is located inside the Eagle River Property Tax District (ERFPD.org).

The geography and affected voters of the ERFPD are as follows…(Camp Hale, Tennessee Pass, Redcliff, Minturn, Avon, Eagle-Vail, Mountain Star, Wildridge, Bachelor Gulch, Arrowhead, Homestead, Edwards, Lake Creek, Singletree, Pilgrim Downs, Cordillera, Bellyache Ridge, Red Sky Ranch and the portions of I-70, Hwy 6 & 24) communities. Beaver Creek contracts with the ERFPD for their Fire Protection service today.

How do I get my November Ballot?  Contact the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office W 970.328.8600 web site – (Click Here)

OK – Eagle County Real Estate Professional…

Read This!  (permission granted by Mr. Cunningham to print his EMail to the ECT!)



One response

  1. Good letter by Mr. Cunningham.

    It supports what I have read for the last couple of years. Property taxes and Special District assessments/taxes are very important to look at/research before buying property.


    Article 1 by BankRate.com

    “Tax traps for new homeowners”

    Homebuyers are well-advised to research property taxes before they make an offer to purchase a home, so they won’t be caught off-guard by rate hikes or reassessments, for example.

    * Buyers also should find out whether a home may be subject to multiple property tax authorities. Not only states, but also counties, cities and special districts, such as local water, sewer or school authorities, may wield such powers, according to Pete Sepp, vice president for policy and communications at the National Taxpayers Union, or NTU, a nonprofit group in Alexandria, Va.

    *The trend in the past decade has been to create new kinds of taxing districts that circumvent limits on state property taxes, he says.

    READ MORE http://www.bankrate.com/finance/mortgages/property-taxes-trip-up-naive-homebuyers-1.aspx

    Article 2 by Realtor.com

    “14 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home”
    — Pay close attention to taxes —

    Don’t just ask what the seller’s most recent tax bill was; ask what several recent tax bills have been. In some areas, houses are re-appraised – and taxed at higher rates – frequently. That great deal and good investment may not seem quite so grand if the property taxes skyrocket year after year.

    * In some cities, schools are substantially funded through property taxes – which means you can count on yours increasing regularly.

    READ MORE: http://www.realtor.com/home-finance/real-estate/buyers/14-things-to-consider-before-buying-home.aspx?source=web

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