Catch 22 – Promoted by some Avon Citizens

by  Clayton Moore

The central message of Joseph Heller’s iconic novel is alive and well in Avon.

The epicenter of the Twilight Zone in Eagle County is located on Eaglebend drive in Avon.  Some of the Avon citizens who live on Eaglebend aren’t happy – no matter what.

Re:  Avon’s Lawsuit against Avon Developer Traer Creek – the Developer that brought you Wal~Mart and Home Depot and their new I-70, four-way exit.

Turns out a small group of vocal Avon citizens never liked the original 1998 Agreement between Avon and Traer Creek.  Indeed Avon’s Council has (to some extent) tried to change that original agreement (and it’s Amendments) via the litigation that’s been in play for years…

Now comes Catch-22…

Turns out these same Avon/Eaglebend folks “don’t like the proposed Avon SettlementCrying-baby Agreement” either.  They identify themselves at the recently televised Avon Council meetings wearing their “Just say No” badges – while commenting from the podium during the public comment segment of the Council meetings…(See the ECT’s earlier story about TV Channel 5 and the meeting videos)

“We can’t go forward and we can’t back up” – seems to be this vocal groups central message.

As a practical matter – should the proposed Settlement be voted down by Council – litigation will resume back in the Courtroom – where the Judge has already demonstrated his willingness to rule – 100% consistent with the legally binding 1998 Agreement – these same folks can’t stand in the first place!  (Click Here)

It turns out Avon’s “spoiled and vocal children” on Eaglebend drive – really just want one thing – for the developer Traer Creek to pack up and move out of Avon – never to return.

The ECT folks rate the chances of a reasonable settlement with this crew involved as 1 out of 3.  The Developer it turns out is more optimistic.  Why?  The ECT suspects he may not watch as much Public Television as the ECT does.

Time will Tell.


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