TV’s Channel 5–on the move in Avon last week

by  fans of the Internet

You don’t need a TV – to see what’s happing at Public Meetings on local Television!

It’s listed as Channel 5 on your Comcast cable TV channels.  The TV station calls themselves  –  If you don’t have a Comcast TV subscription you can still watch what’s going on at Public Meetings – real time.

Here’s what you need to know…

The technical wizards at TV Channel 5 (J.K. Perry – photo) to mention the most important one…offer a real-time “Internet – Simulcast” to many of the Public Meetings taking place inJK-Perry-cropped Eagle County today.

You have to “drill into” their Channel 5 web site just a bit to find their live video stream – but it’s there when the public meetings (example; in Avon and Vail) take place.  As long as the meeting room has high speed Internet for Channel 5 to steam the live video out to you on the Internet – you’re set.

Where to find their live stream?  From the home page (Video, Library, Playlists, Live TV Stream) should get you there.

One gotcha…it works fine viewing the live Internet Stream from your computer – However it doesn’t work from your iPad – because Apple doesn’t support a video streaming technology called “Adobe-Flash” from their iPad…meanwhile PC’s and Apple Computers and Laptops work just fine with the live video stream.

It’s a great technology solution to staying in touch.  Thanks, J.K.


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