County Commissioner – Candidate’s This Week

by ECT Staff team

This weeks – ECT Election Question and Intent:  The role of County Government?  Public Sector at odds with the Private Sector?  Why are Private Sector County Tax dollars being used by Eagle County’s Government to compete against the Private Sector (example: Realtors) paying the tax?

FACT:  A prospective Real Estate buyer can walk into Eagle County’s so-called “Valley Home Store” and purchase a new home – without involving and contacting any Eagle County Realtor working in the Private Sector (Click Here).

Question:  Do you Commissioner Candidate(s) believe that the Taxes paid by local Realtors – to Eagle County – should be used to fund a “Valley Home Store” – that is competing against these same local Realtors, in today’s tough Eagle County Real Estate Market?

Question:  When elected County Commissioner will YOU vote to continue to fund Eagle County’s so called “Valley Home Store?”

Answers below in the order the ECT received them back from the Candidates last week.

Dale Nelson (Independent Candidate for Eagle County Commissioner)

I do not think the answers are as black & white as the questions.

I would prefer that governments at all levels, county, state and federal, limit their involvement in the free market. It is not the government’s job to provide products and services that the free market will. The federal government’s involvement in the housingdale-nelson-commissioner-candidate-2012market has contributed to the economic mess we find ourselves in currently.

I believe those who purchase deed-restricted homes do so because they are unable to participate in the free market. Many in these communities hold jobs that we would consider vital to the functioning of our county, teachers, law enforcement and emergency services.

We are in a bit of a quandary aren’t we? If we pay those, we consider vital to our community a wage that allows them to participate in the free market we pay more in taxes. If we provide a service that allows them to become homeowners, we pit the private sector against the public sector.

My job as Commissioner will be to look at these issues and find the creative solutions that are best for Eagle County.

Eagle County Commissioner Candidate – Jill Ryan (D) asked for more time to respond – ECT OK with that – ECT OK with the fact Jill wants to do more homework before officially responding.

Eagle County Commissioner Candidate – Jeff Layman (R) – chose not to respond and has NOT contacted the ECT requesting more time.

One response

  1. That was a punt if I ever saw one. That answer could be given on any issue. Like..”It’s complex. I will study it if elected”. The County doesn’t need that type of indecisiveness and/or unwillingness to state a position, whichever it is.

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