Expert at Violating Federal Drug Laws – Commissioner Candidate Jon Stavney

by Clayton Moore

A reasonable question:  Why did County Commissioner candidate Jon Stavney – vote to Violate Federal Drug Law here in Eagle County?

The U.S. Attorney for Colorado – John Walsh – is enforcing Federal Drug Law – at least in Denver…(see below graphic) so…why is the violation of Federal Drug Law being tolerated, (endorsed?) by County Commissioner candidate – Jon Stavney?  For their part the folks who sell Paid Print Advertising at the Daily Fishwrap to Eagle County based Pot Shops (er…Medical Marijuana Dispensaries) – are also in violation of Federal Drug Laws the ECT has been told.  (Click Here)


The video of candidate Jon Stavney violating Federal Drug Law earlier this year – can be viewed by (Clicking Here)

Keep in mind ECT reader – Federal Drug Law makes these ‘Pot Shops’ in Eagle County illegal – there is NOTHING in the Federal Statute that gives any exception to the “location near Schools” of these Pot Shops, period.

Kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it…where some of Jon Stavney’s campaign contributions (might?) be coming from…Certainaly, a reasonable person might ask…Why would a Commissioner candidate vote to violate Federal Drug Law here in Eagle County in the first place?  Why indeed…

Eagle County Voters should also be aware that Aspen/Pitkin County Commissioners voted “not to allow” Pot Shops in their Pitkin County in strict adherence to Federal Drug Law (Click Here) – so then why is Eagle County Violating Federal Drug law allowing Pot Shops here in Eagle County – Jon Stavney?  ECT will be happy to print your written response verbatim, Commissoner, Stavney.

Note the DATE below on this graphic….



10 responses

    • Poor Steve…
      Point is ECT supports one set of laws/rules that applies equally to everyone.
      If Steve wants to change Federal Drug Laws – no problem, go ahead – we did it with Prohibition…

      This isn’t’ about a bigger, stronger, Federal gov’mint, Steve…It’s about one set of rules that applies equally to everyone.
      Too bad Steve doesn’t get that – Rest assured Steve, Dr. King would 100% “get” the ECT’s point. Ditto for Ms. Rosa Parks…

      Sorry the ECT can’t help you Steve….

      • Oh. I get your point, I think. Because some medicinal cannabis dispensaries where shut down, all of them should be shut down???

        And if the Federal government has the authority to do this, they should, by your “linking logic” have the ability to impose any edict on any State at anytime, right?

        If you real believe this, read the Constitution. The powers the Feds have are ALL spelled out there. If the power is not in the Constitution, the Feds do not have it. Nowhere in the Constitution does it say they Federal government has the power to regulate hemp (heck why would they – hemp was used as the parchment paper for the drafts – and was ambiguous in their lives)

      • Thanks Mr. McVaney for reading the ECT.
        If you and your pals want to change Federal Law – go ahead ECT has no objection…we’ve done a couple of times with Prohibition, right?

        Gosh, ECT bets Gov. George Wallace D-Ala. wishes you were standing next to him when he tried (states rights?) to block the entrance to the U of Alabama to black students (1963).

        Wallace’s agrument sounds like yours….”In his inaugural speech, Wallace used the line for which he is best known:

        “In the name of the greatest people that have ever trod this earth, I draw the line in the dust and toss the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny, and I say segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever.”

        How’d that State’s Rights argument work out for them?

        Try this Mr. McVaney – what’s needed is one set of laws that are consistent everywhere, and enforced equally.
        You Mr. McVaney are no different than southern Democrats (circa 1963) that wanted one set of laws for one group and a different set of laws for others.

        Shame you can’t see that…

      • “What’s needed is one set of laws that is consistent everyhere.”

        Sounds like you’d like to do away with state rights and laws altogether. Interesting idea, but again seems hypocritical and contradictory. I think you need to more clearly state what powers you think the feds should and shouldn’t have. And, I think there is a pretty big distinction between enforcing arbitrary drug law and enforcing universal human rights. Don’t conflate this with segregation.

      • You make the ECT LOL!
        Not asking what your name/identity is…however ECT interested in what you do for a living in (Eagle County?)
        The ECT’s moniker at the top of our online Eagle County newspaper says “the ECT is dedicated to informing people who have to think for their living”.

  1. Pretty asinine, and pretty hypocritical as Steve points out. You rail against federal authority over the states for some issues, yet side with them against the voters of Colorado and the county you live in when it comes to other issues. Legalization is inevitable, and Stavney is on the ride side of history here.

  2. I may be off base but I think Clayton was talking about changing Federal Drug Law or…don’t allow businesses that break the federal law but not breaking state law. (so, not growing Big Brother, but changing the law?)

    Federal law(s) is King over state law(s).

    I am all for changing the federal law in one or two ways.

    1) Make it a Pharmacy prescription drug, controlled by the DEA, for strength and potential pesticide uses and/or:

    2) Make it a recreational drug, like alcohol, with restrictions on age, and on driving while impaired.

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