Your TABOR Rights – in Eagle County 2012

by    the ECT covers the Taxpayers back

When it comes to Government Taxation and the Taxpayers Bill of Rights – nobody covers these stories tighter than the EagleCountyTimes.Com.  Nobody.

What Eagle County Taxpayers need to know for election 2012.

Taxes-USDates:  Friday, September 21 2012 – Final day that Pro/Con responses must be submitted to the Eagle County Taxing Authorities – for inclusion in the “2012 TABOR Notice – U.S. Mailed to Taxpayers per Colorado State Statute.

Tuesday, September 25th 2012 – Final day that all Taxing Authorities are required to submit to the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office – the official information/documentation that will be printed and U.S. Mailed (known as the official TABOR Notice) by the Clerk’s office to Registered Eagle County voters residing in that Taxing District.

What voters/property taxpayers in the Eagle River Fire Protection District need to know.  The ECT folks submitted on time and within the maximum word count  the “con” position auguring against the proposed Permanent Property Tax increase by the Fire District that you will see on your November 2012 Ballot.

As far as the ECT knows…our ECT contributors were THE ONLY FOLKS to submit any response to the FireERFPD-1 District’s upcoming “TABOR Notice” you’ll being receiving in the U.S. Mail.  You and the ECT will know for sure about this, when the TABOR Notice is mailed out October 2012 (Click Here).

For their part, the Eagle County Clerk and Recorders office must (by Colorado State Statute) U.S. Mail the “TABOR Notice” to all registered voters in the Fire District no later than 30 days before the November 6th 2012 – General Election.

For Taxpayers in the Fire District interested in reading what the ECT officially submitted to the Fire District’s Administrative office last week – to be printed on your TABOR Notice – (Click Here)

Current Funding for Fire Fighters at the Eagle River Fire Protection District?

In 2009 the District received a SAFER Federal Grant totaling $975,420.00 (Click Here) to help pay for the Districts Fire Fighters.  This Federal grant money obviously helped grow our Federal Deficit – now approaching $16 Trillion Dollars.  Former ER Fire District Chief Charlie Moore has been given the majority of the credit for obtaining this Grant from the Feds (Click Here).  For a copy of the ER Fire Protection District’s most recent – Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – 31DEC2012 (Click Here)


Election Side Note:  Interestingly, all (5) candidates running for Eagle County Commissioner are taxpayers living inside the Eagle River Fire Protection District – except incumbent Jon Stavney.


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