Commissioner Stavney’s – Beleaguered Re-election Campaign

by Clayton Moore

Last week was a tough week – for the re-election hopes of incumbent Eagle County Commissioner  – Jon Stavney.

It seems (at least in Edwards) Commissioner Stavney’s endorsement of an Open Space purchase near the Edwards neighborhood of Homestead – did not make everyone there very happy.  Imagine that…


The above campaign sign was photographed last week at the busy intersection of Rte. 6 and the Edwards Access Road.  Drivers getting off I-70 headed home into their Edwards-Homestead neighborhood had plenty of time to read the sign while stopped at that Rte. 6 traffic light.

Meanwhile…for the second week in a row ‘editor half the story’ (his weekly – Friday commentary) over at the Daily Fishwrap added his voice – to the persistent voice of the ECT CALLING FOR the REPEAL of Eagle County’s Open Space Tax – to be put back on your Ballot.

What County voters need to know about our 5 Commissioner Candidates.

1 – Incumbent candidate Jon Stavney has publically REFUSED to put that issue back on the Ballot for County voters.

2 – Commissioner candidate Jill Ryan has also REFUSED to put that issue back on the Ballot.

3 – Independent Commissioner candidate Dale Nelson has also REFUSED, publicly – and now interestingly has recently changed his mind to AGREE to put the question of the the Repeal of the County’s Open Space Tax back on your Ballot.

The good news is! – BOTH Commissioner Candidates Courtney Holm and Jeff Layman have PUBLICLY AGREED to put that question back on the Ballot for Eagle County voters!  When any of these 3 new County Commissioner Candidates are elected – the Repeal Ballot question of continuing to Fund Open Space is guaranteed!

To be fair to Commissioner Stavney’s re-election campaign the ECT will point out the fact that the Commissioner continues to enjoy the support of;

1 – The employees of the Eagle Valley Land Trust – they’re Eagle County locals and direct beneficiaries of Eagle County spending millions of your Tax Dollars on more Open Space purchases endorsed by the Land Trust.

2 – A very small number Colorado River Rafting companies that see Commissioner Stavney’s Open Space purchases along the River – helpful to their businesses that run most profitably during the 3 months of June, July and August.  Is this Commissioner Stavney’s idea of ‘Economic Development’ in Eagle County – 3 out of 12 months?

3 – Local Dope Dealers – that own the so-called Medical Marijuana Dispensaries in Eagle County approved/endorsed by Commissioner Stavney (Click Here) – businesses the ECT will point out factually – are in direct conflict with Federal Drug Law.

ECT Note:  Toby Sprunk (below) is Eagle County Government’s – Director of Open Space.  Why Commissioner(s) does the Eagle County Taxpayer need to pay for an official “Open Space Director” a (new and unneeded Eagle County bureaucrat?) in addition to the County’s existing “Open Space Advisory Committee” recommending to our County Commissioners who ultimately decide where to spend millions of your Tax Money on the so called Open Space?

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6 responses

    • The job of the Media in any general or otherwise Election is to accurately report the RECORD of the incumbent candidate(s) and let the voters decide who they want to vote for – based on the incumbent’s (in this case) three and a half year County Commissioner record.

      So…lets be FAIR – OK? Please articulate where/if the ECT has inaccurately reported the three and a half year record of incumbent County Commissioner Candidate Jon Stavney.

      Please be precise in your response. ECT doesn’t care (what your name/identity is) – so go ahead and let’s review (in detail) Stavney’s record as Eagle County Commissioner – and just why you believe he should be re-elected.

      Have at! The ‘floor is yours’ here at the ECT.

      • I think Stavney is an undeniably hard worker who has accomplished a lot. I suspect the main (and possibly only) reason you dislike him is his support for the open space tax, an obsessive issue over here. It’s fine to disagree with him over that, but to accuse him of violating federal law for supporting the voters’ decision to allow mmj dispensaries is a bit beyond the pale. I don’t have time to rebut you point by point at the moment, but I’d love to hear a compelling argument for Courtney Holm, preferably one that isn’t centered around the open space tax.

      • The ECT has asked you WHERE you believe the ECT has reported inaccurately – the 3+ year record of Commissioner Stavney.
        You’ve replied by telling the ECT “what your personal feelings are toward Stavney”. That is of ZERO interest to the ECT folks and other voters. Are you sure you’re not his wife?
        It is the JOB of the media to report/expose and write about the documented track record of ANY incumbent candidate.
        The ECT has done that – and will continue to do that because the Fishwrap folks clearly wont.
        Further, it is NOT the job of any media to (act as a cheerleader?) for any campaign. As far as the ECT is concerned – Ms. Holm (et al candidates) are in charge of that themselves.
        The ECT’s offer stands – if the ECT has reported (inaccurately?) on the 3+ year record of Stavney – show the ECT – where we’ve done that.

      • The only thing in this entire rambling post that refers to Stavney’s record is the fact that he doesn’t support putting the open tax back on the ballot. Yes, we know. You mention it every chance you get. The rest is speculation on who his supporters may be (you think rafters and small business owners you refer to as “dope dealers”) and a picture of a sign that seems to have been posted anonymously. Not interesting, and I don’t think speculation really falls into the category of “accurate”.

      • Tuesday, October 2nd 2012 – Keep an eye on the Commissioner Candidates position on the REPEAL ballot question of the Open Space Tax.
        You might learn something. The Commissioner election is Tuesday, November 6th 2012 – the first Tuesday in November this year.

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